A challenge to the Technoking.

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The Tesla frontman and Twitter claims to be a champion of free speech. Obviously, this is welcome.

The very premises of democracy and self-government are under threat when people are not allowed to discuss serious ideas. Make no mistake — the reason race realism is verboten on social media is not because it is “misinformation.” It’s because it is true — obviously true. There is no greater “fake news” than racial egalitarianism. If we don’t admit this, we can’t talk intelligently about education, crime, national security, or any other important issue.

Wokeness is a civilizational threat.

Elon Musk seems to get this. Here he is, discussing free speech with Bill Maher. [5:30–6:02, 7:07–8:00]

All true – including his comments about the restrictions of free speech in Europe.

On Twitter, Mr. Musk is also changing the conversation.

The new Community Notes feature has proven effective in correcting media storylines, especially about race. It lets readers give the real context the media or poster did not. As Elon Musk explains, “Anyone making materially false statements on this platform will get Community Noted, including you, me, Tucker, advertisers, head of state, etc. No exceptions. Convince the people and let the chips fall where they may.”

He’s also bringing up politically incorrect ideas.


Elon Musk looks at this tweet showing the way crime breaks down across racial lines and says, “Both are rising… troubling.”

Affirmative action

Mr. Musk sees an example of the way the system works and says simply, “Wow.”

Racial disparities

After seeing a chart that found black-on-white crime was much more common than white on black crime, Mr. Musk asks, “Odd, why would the media misrepresent the real situation?”

Media manipulation:

Mr. Musk notes the ways leading newspapers have dramatically increased their mentions of race and racism. “Massive public manipulation,” he notes.

True. In another post, he writes, “Assume you’re always being manipulated.”

And the only way to combat all this is with free speech, something Mr. Musk cares deeply about.


Here, Mr. Musk retweets a column that claims: “Governments worldwide claim that “hate incidents” are rising, but they’re not. Tolerance of racial, sexual, and religious minorities has never been higher. Elites are manufacturing a fake “hate” crisis as a pretext for mass spying, blacklists, and censorship.”

I can’t add anything to that.

In another retweet, he recommends a column arguing that hate speech laws are leading to something, quote, “on the cusp of imposing what can only be described as a totalitarian system to end freedom of speech as we know it.”

Mr. Musk has staked his ownership of Twitter on the idea of free speech. He says: “Censor not, lest ye be censored.”

He also gave us a working definition of free speech in 2022.

Where am I going with this? As of mid-May, Jared Taylor and American Renaissance have not been let back on Twitter, despite many appeals. Neither account ever broke the Twitter terms of service, never attacked people in personal terms, or used vulgar language. Twitter never explained why Mr. Taylor and American Renaissance were banned. Despite promises of amnesty for suspended accounts, ours are still frozen.

I think all of us are still in shock at the way our rulers have turned so decisively against free speech since 2016. Leftists are open about their alliance with corporate power to censor speech.

Just a few days ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was warning Mr. Musk that corporate power would crush Twitter if he kept flirting with politically incorrect ideas. She tweeted: “At this rate he’s gonna be begging for MyPillow ad buys in no time.” Even a so-called socialist knows that corporate America is on her side, quashing conversation about race.

Our purpose has always been to discuss the facts about race in a respectful, factual, way. Race realism is about facts, and the world is never made better by ignoring facts, or worse, censoring people to cover them up.

We should always stand for truth — and that means making a principled defense of free speech for everyone, even our opponents.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to take Mr. Musk’s talk about free speech seriously. Is he afraid that in a free fight race realism wins? We humbly submit that restoring our accounts will be a good test of whether Elon Musk is serious about making Twitter a safe space for the truth.

Thanks for watching. Unfortunately, the American ideal of free speech is under attack as never before. You can help by spreading this video on as many platforms as possible. And if you don’t mind risking your account, post it on Twitter.

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