April 22, 2021


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Does LGBTQ Supreme Court Decision Violate Private Prop. Rights? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 556

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26 thoughts on “Does LGBTQ Supreme Court Decision Violate Private Prop. Rights? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 556

  1. You conservatards have violated lgbt rights for far too long!! Try learning the laws of the land!! Here’s an example, All American citizens ARE protected under the laws of this country!! No laws shall be made, passed, enforced or anything that singles out select citizens & does not cover all!!!

  2. "Donald Trump should get the credit for THIS"? That's B.S. Trump & the American people are getting stabbed in the back by Gorsich, that's a FAR cry from a President actually pushing that LGBTQ stuff, which is what Obama did, so QUIT LYING cowboy, you're probably a fake cowboy anyway.

  3. This is the result for letting the less than 1% of the population get out of control using the media as their advertising company.

  4. As an observation concerning the objection to legislating morality: a law that is written on the books often times has some type of morality as the driving force behind it. However not all laws are moral.

    The simplest but best example of a law that legislates morality is theft. It is a crime to steal not just because we as a society find it repugnent; it is also universally wrong.

  5. The businesses within the CHAZ should sue the mayor of Seattle and governor of WA state for not protecting them and their businesses.
    Let the whole CHAZ charade fizzle out on its own. Maybe then some of the naive supporters of the Left will wake up to what a disaster socialism really is.

  6. We have GOT to start fighting back! We need to start matching liberal tactics. We keep trying to show up to a gun fight with a knife and that doesn't work. Please, someone add to this because we need collective ideas and participation. We can't be silent any longer. BlazeTV, the first thing (obviously not the only thing) we need to do, is start to take back social media. We need to have our own conservative social media site so that we can have our freedom of speech back and hurt the tech/social media companies in their wallets and numbers of people they are brainwashing. I know it's hard because we need money to fund these things, but let's first start off by talking about it on each of your shows non stop so that it becomes an idea that the right can get behind. Then ask for volunteers to help create a site like this, I'm sure so many would be willing to give of their talent to this cause. Then we can ask for donations, funding, etc. The site should only host ads from companies that don't have a political affiliation but mostly from those that are right leaning. This will boost their business and help fund us. I loved the video with Glenn and Dinesh on the actual Blaze site I'm subscribed to because you guys start to mention things along these lines to help us in our fight. WE NEED TO START NOW OR IT'LL BE TOO LATE. We need you guys because you're such a huge platform and people trust you. This is our base and they will help us in this endeavor.This will help people get completely off of facebook, twitter, and instagram. That would be such a huge accomplishment and really help in the long run, especially with the younger generation who gets the majority of their news from social media.

  7. As I stated before in comments, Why the store manager didn't handle the situation. They should have left him to sleep it off. He was drunk. Unless he was not bothering anyone. At least he wasn't driving drunk.


  9. This law is about the infiltration of the churches just wait and see. They’ll get a job and then turn gay or into a woman or a heretic and then can’t be fired and pollute the churchs

  10. I really hate it when people say "You can't legislate morality".
    It's the most ridiculous thing. Every criminal code is based on morality.
    Otherwise even murder and rape would be legal depending on the subjective personal morality of the person committing the act. Hey, man. Float your own boat, right?

  11. thats a interesting take? You can't legislate morality? really? I guess all murders are free to murder, steal and riot down your town. Why then legislate against these moral behaviors? If you say I don't care if you get abortion or not then murder should be ok then. why not, deny another life that can't speak for their right to live is no difference in murders denying the life of the other too. So you basically don't make sense here by more of pleasing a person in the moment just to come to some agreement. Interesting point of view here.

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