October 17, 2021


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Dollar Decimation: How Biden’s Spending Spree Will End Our Currency | Glenn TV | Ep 102

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25 thoughts on “Dollar Decimation: How Biden’s Spending Spree Will End Our Currency | Glenn TV | Ep 102

  1. Thank goodness I'm a poor senior. My idea of "investing" is to buy canned food, powdered milk and t. tissue. I keep only enough in the bank to pay monthly bills. Such a sad and anxiety-provoking way to live.

  2. Gold and Silver, IS, the, ONLY, Constitutional Money .! For a good reason .! No Patriot should use anything else among like minded Patriots . Stop buying and selling with dem usefull idiots and their counterfiet curancey anyway .!

  3. Ripple has been in talks with the IMF, ECB and included in on many G20, Davos and WEF meetings. the coin XRP runs on that operating system and is designed to work as a world wide foreign currency exchange……just sayin.

  4. This started under FDR and has been perpetuated by EVERY president since LBJ with the exception of possibly Reagan. spending dollars like it's MONOPOLY MONEY, because, since the US corporate BANKRUPTCY in 1933 and HJR 192, IT HAS BEEN. THERE IS NO MONEY. ONLY DEBT.

  5. Ever since the wall was built more have came in then ever it’s so obvious the wall was built to keep us in…It’s the art of the deal warp speed wall warp speed vaccine and never forget Hillary is still free Covid is the China trade deal all designed and orchestrate it under Trump

  6. Trillion dollar anything can be rejected by the senate, if the senate approves that package they'll be adding into the new digital dollars, and will help end the American dollar. I'm not clear if the Federal Reserve is aware of this plan which is a globalist plan, which by the way will add new levels of poverty for the last of the middle class, soon there will be two classes, there won't be a middle class, you'll have the rich, and the poor. That's everyone that is not a billionaire.

  7. You are very unfair to the one person who actually worked in the White House your comments against Trump are useless he did everything by himself with every single traitor around him but whatever

  8. Thanks to Villain Joe we will have no recourse but to enter WORLD WAR III with the probability outcome that only 1/3 of the world will survive such catastrophic nuclear war where so many countries have massive nuclear automatic weapons we will be lucky if 1/3 survives. ONLY WAR resets over spending beyond our means.

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