44 thoughts on “DOMINATE THE STREETS! #CrowderRiotStream | Tim Pool Guests | #682 Louder with Crowder”
  1. What do you think of the way the media has covered the riots of the past week? And where do you see things going from here? Are the riots coming to and end, or will it get worse?

  2. I got a gun first time recently. 21 years old. Went to buy a gun in TN, all I had to do is say, “I want a gun” then they did a quick background check and I now own a gun. That simple

  3. 49:36 yea but they shot first and they already had being following him.
    Imagine three persons get out of their house and start following you with guns and when they stop in front of you again with guns pointing at you. You won't be thinking yea they want to talk to me you would definitely be thinking they are going to kill me. And I think that they should have gone to jail not because they killed him but because they killed him after following him with guns for multiple streets and while they weren't in any king of danger.
    And I don't give a fuck if he went to grab the guy's gun that guy should not have left the house or at the very least not bring guns with him. They escalated the situation from literally nothing to a shooting.

  4. 21:00 the problem is that the military is not trained to be ruthless so they would be doing the same if not worse job than the police. Actually once the US government allowed Mexican military to enter to the country to stop violent protests. Or so I heard.

  5. I had my blue pit bout get stole by two black dudes on separate occasions on the south side of Wichitaone guy rolled up to me as I was walking her and asked if I wanted to breed her I said sure you'll get pick of the litter he said okay after we bred them and I'm walking through his house with my dog he points to this kennel in this dirty ass room and he says that's where she'll be and come visit her whenever you want and I said no you not keeping my dog and then I walked outside he hustled on around me and gotten his glove box and the sun had gone down and then pulled out something black in about 6 in Long, I said you going to shoot me over a f**** dog? I went after him and started swinging he hid behind his car door and backed up, then he shanked out the knight stick I didn't care I went after him he tagged me in the ribs my first swing ( my adrenaline pumping so much I thought he just punched me like a bitch) but I threw a punch a half an inch away from his face that made his eyeballs the brightest thing on the block lmao, I woke up to some sore fuckin ribs but he lost his pride and his wife's respect, the next occasion a bunch of bloods were partying at my neighbor's house,I had to let my dog walk eventually and I hollered at me I came over and we bullshitted and hung out for an hour or so and one guy kept asking if he could walk her I said sure just keep her in this little square in our apartments the first thing you did was he took off running so I took off running after them and I yelled for him to stop three or four times and I finally caught him and put him in a headlock and I turnt him purple, he didn't want to let go, I told him dude that's my kid you're holding let go and he did and I looked up and there were six dude standing there with their hands behind their backs ready to draw, after that we went back to drinking and battle rapping, I won and was the white boy hero of the day, I won their respect.

  6. Steven Crowder if you catch this message, first I love what you are doing.. having that said, I do disagree with you on one thing! Taurus has had a bad name for a long time but they moved manufacturing to the US and especially the new G2C 9mm are a really decent handgun! I own one myself and have thousands of rounds and it's never malfunctioned.. try one my friend I think you'll be surprised! Central Florida here and we see the nonsense going on, thankfully our sheriff departments are down with the constitution so we aren't concerned..by the way if the country falls we country boys welcome you 🙂 anyway yaw keep up the good work…


  8. If a crowd stops my car on the roadway and starts beating my windows in, I can promise you I WILL BE IN THE NEWS, because I will be blasting some asses, and I wont stop with one…..you push me to the point of having to choose between dying or being crippled for life OR taking an assholes life? Guess what, there's gonna be some assholes hitting the floor., and the time for crying "oh please stop" are done. I'll stop when I'm finished. I'll do the time if needs be.

  9. Arbery is a much more in depth case than what you portray, interesting points to note is were the McMichaels in their legal right to be attempting the citizen arrest, and if not it could be seen as an act of aggression.

    Colion noir does a great legal run down as a lawyer and 2a advocate

  10. Should do a series maybe call it something like '0-60' where you interview Libs who are willing to talk then see how long it takes them to go insane. Give the winner a MAGA hat and a Trump Bobblehead.

  11. On people being better armed and trained and becoming their own first line of defense against violet crime… That sounds fantastic to most if not all gun owning, law abiding citizens. But, there is an issue with that being your answer to how you will maintain law and order when you kick the police out of your city. Last time I watched an episode of Cops, the function of the police was a little bit more involved than just meeting violent crime with firepower. What will your armed and untrained citizen patrol do with the 99.9% of all of the other calls that the police attend to that do not include pointing a firearm at someone. What are your armed citizens going to do when local car clubs decide to start drag racing down main street. How are your armed citizen patrols going to deal with the mentally sick people that live in the community that police deal with (and are professionally trained to do so) on a daily basis. Are they just going to wave around their weapons and say NO, bad. Stop or else? This is almost a criminal level of ignorance. How do people become this stupid?

  12. The Democratic party is the Nazi party that hides in the background. Hate me I don't care. Call me a white supremacist I don't care and call me a racist I don't care. I have black friends. But there are limits.
    The democrats are Nazis.

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