September 25, 2021


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Dominion Day in Ottawa: What should Canadians rally for?

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Unlike almost all of our mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on our generous audience to help keep us …


20 thoughts on “Dominion Day in Ottawa: What should Canadians rally for?

  1. Hey Chris Sky, the next time you decide to ask a crowd "Who wants to hear me speak?" PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE also ask them "How many of you do NOT want me to speak?"…. DOES THAT NOT SEEM FAIR TO YOU ???

  2. Once again,great to see—in this YOUTUBE posting—that at an event like this,there were a certain amount of people carrying/wearing Red Ensign flags of this country.(OF COURSE,that flag can be considered the alternative national flag of this country….)

  3. Trudeau is probably sitting back having a good laugh because he doesn't give a ? what we have to say it seems to be his country not the Canadians country. Trudeau is a lot like Obama and Creepy Joe Biden. Anyone notice how creepy it is to see Trudeau get so close to hug people especially when he hugs Joe Biden. We have to vote this traitor out. ??✨??? and lets not forget to ? for our country.

  4. "Never forget." Please SHARE Rosemary Storm's CANADIAN VERSION of her song/video "FREEDOM" on YouTube (w. 3X Canadian Emmy Winner Hummie Mann who donated the string arrangement). The HIGHWAY OF HEROES version. It's a very moving video and I pray you will all watch and share it. It opens with the first line of Flanders Fields and closes with "NEVER FORGET." It took 33 years to bring this song to fruition – Scotty Hall (R.I.P.) lead Guitar (from Idle Eyes/Tokyo Rose hit). My gift along with my song with the VSO "BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS" which Mann conducted (VSO). I was only 21 when I wrote that song. I'm 61 now. BCTV NEWS called my PEACEMAKERS PROJECT "a musical phenomenon." Love, Rosemary. xo

  5. I kitted my back deck out in 'Canada Day' gear this year and the police were called 2x to my house where I had a total of 7 ppl over for a BBQ. I was told that my flags and my guests were 'intimidating to the area'. I told the Police to kick the dirt. Just for context, i live in an EXTREMELY liberal part of Durham. As an immigrant who recently became a PROUD Canadian i am disgusted by my entitled elitist neighbours.

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