April 11, 2021


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Doubling Down: Silver & Commodities – Mike Maloney

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30 thoughts on “Doubling Down: Silver & Commodities – Mike Maloney

  1. This video is way to short, feel like its mostly punch lines, would like it to be longer with more substance.
    Otherwise good stuff.

  2. You have abundance as, and in, every time before but (giving you the 1500s) seem to deliberately each and every time to mis-step. Eventually we will give up. Wipe that ass and get one (on) with it or he simpt-ed ride it will out. time compression so 120my is 250k.

  3. Infrastructure? Great, more over budget late schedule corrupt government projects that take literally ten times as long to get done and are done with poor quality

  4. I am here from the future. Yes, in da cold (no return is reasonable [I live in hope? nope!] … now you know why gravity is so weak .. will live with it as no options) and after the zap. So the ld+ is 私が若い頃、母は私に言った。 私はビットコインを準備しました。

  5. the corrupt power structure we have needs the peasants to redecorate their world for them – so they put us under house arrest and are now taking everything they can get their hands on to make the world's people dependent on the new kings and queens – the idea of democracy is more alive in china than it is in the evil trinity – uk america and the one that pulls all the strings, israel, in my opinion.

  6. Mike, Jeff and Adam always have great insights to pay attention to. Can't thank enough Mike for the amount of education's work he does!
    A couple thoughts that crossed my mind recently and it would be great to hear from Mike:
    1. When big guys like Goldman Sachs say they move more into silver, for instance, they don't really mean physical. They just re-allocate paper assets, right? Most probably otherwise we'd see better trends in the metals.
    2. I haven't heard much on logistical side of owning physical metals. While silver has definitely better industrial demand, gold has so much better monetary density. If someone owns or moves a few coins or bars it's not a big deal. But when we talk about bigger volumes it becomes so much bigger question.
    Any comments on that, please?

  7. How can you invest or simply rely on a totally manipulated market? You must be fool to bet against the owners of this fukkin planet, with all the idiots on it!

  8. Mike, you did listen from last time. I scenario I had played in my head was a deflation after covid ends this coming end of year. If for a few months the economy does not pick back up, its back to qe again with Biden and the feds to the rescue.

  9. Silver stockpiles have never been higher, the price is dropping, the miners are in a blood bath, And the chart Mike shows is a parabolic one, what comes after parabolic moves???? Crashes….. the price is going lower, wait to buy

  10. A more efficient solution to the democracy problem is to select 1% of a population as candidates through an opt-out sortition system (the way we handle jury duty), then break them into groups of 9-10 where they deliberate for a while then score each other between -x and +x for each branch of government for which candidates are needed; the highest-scored candidate for each branch of each group advance to the next elimination round; repeat the grouping, voting, and eliminating until a suitable number of candidates are selected; then hold a STAR election with the wider electorate scoring the candidates between -x and +x. The idea with allowing multiple candidates to advance in each round is that we can select optimal candidates for multiple government branches with one process. Since such a system would require a block chain of sorts to handle record keeping, the candidates could be sorted into the different branches before the general election by the number of round victories each candidate got for each branch. And by using score voting instead of the broken, useless, and easily corrupted plurality voting method, we have the strongest guarantee of consensus for each candidate reduction round.

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