February 26, 2021


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Doug Ford is AFRAID of making a bad decision | York Councillor resists second lockdown

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22 thoughts on “Doug Ford is AFRAID of making a bad decision | York Councillor resists second lockdown

  1. he’s not afraid of making a bad decision. He’s being forced to go along with Trudeau’s Global Reset which is basically communism. At first, he and Jason Kenny fought the good fight, but I think they’ve either gotten something on him and are blackmailing him or they or their families have been threatened. Should be interesting to see what happens when the CCP party meets Globalism,which I’m pretty darn sure they’re not a fan of. All hell is going to break loose in Canada. Sit tight folks and watch it all unfold before your very eyes. Thinks are going to get a lot worse yet!

  2. This entire pandemic is a hoax because it’s based on flawed testing. There is no pandemic.

    Here is the honest truth about why cases are rising. Only 3% of people getting tested receive an accurate reading.

    “German court ruling finds Covid19 tests 97-percent unreliable.” – Lisbon Appeal Court Ruling 2020

    These flawed tests will make it appear as if everyone has contracted Covid19. These faulty tests keep the pandemic going and keep us in fear. If these tests were accurate we would soon realize the pandemic is over. Faulty testing tricks millions of people into thinking they contracted Covid19.

    Few media sources however have touched on this aspect of the Lisbon Appeal Court Ruling – and those that have have given it the scantest of mentions. The judges’ deliberations nonetheless are loud and clear.

    Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it?


  3. the mental health in Canada people they didn't have a job people that they have a stress people they pay tax too much the government of Canada they lie the real answer secret of War between China and another country about economy all Member of Parliament they controlled by England government didn't have a freedom in this country this is why

  4. The secret of war is by viruses between China and Europe between China, America and Canada between China, Britain, New Zealand and Australia, the secret war for the domination of global trade. They are unable to use nuclear weapons. This is a secret weapon and it is difficult to identify the source, as well as through the media and through specialized doctors, secret agents scattered. All over the world, this is a secret war, and everyone knows that Europe, Canada, America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand have had economic problems for years. It has been difficult to solve these problems, and many systems, especially capitalist systems, will collapse. The benefits system that destroyed society, especially in the year 2019, when they disagreed with the Chinese The G20 also bears all responsibility for each of these governments, America, Canada, Europe, Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and China, as well as those responsible for global trade who control the world and governments. They are all responsible for all these events, especially the virus that spreads secret war, and several types of viruses will spread under several names and justifications. For the sake of dominating society and controlling society and responsible these countries from Most of the domination and control are all responsible for the various kinds of harm and damage that occurred against these peoples from the psychological state and damage to health, security, stability, economy and poverty. Many people in all parts of the world have stopped working a lot and in many countries the state of insanity and impatience increases and the reason was the food and the condition The psychological and economic of these countries and this policy is intended to create chaos in many countries for the sake of domination and everyone knows that America is unable to control and this is the cause of chaos and this control will transfer to China as China becomes dominant in world trade, especially in Canada, America and Europe The situation has increased The poor psychological state of society and the first beneficiary is the pharmaceutical companies and the governments that govern the country. These have all depleted the goods of these countries in order to remain in the power of governance under several justifications, and some provide assistance for the elections and some provide assistance for the benefit of the companies in an indirect way, and this is considered administrative corruption And everyone will be affected by administrative corruption, especially security, health, education and safety in all parts of the world, the reason for selfishness, hegemony, and especially The governments subordinate to the British government as colonialists for many countries and islands, as well as many systems under the name of ownership or inherited kings under several names and names that have not served society since ancient times colonialism in a secret way, and most of the people are poor and the rich are a few with regard to the political and economic situation. The Canadian government and governments try The European Union is in order to silence everyone who speaks about the virus and economic events, directly or indirectly, and to prevent demonstrations and intimidate society from the virus, and this is considered to harm the immunity. These are afraid of the fall of these systems, specifically the threat of phone or threat by people. Exposing administrative corruption. These parties have been appointed by other governments, specifically the government of Britain is the one that manages these matters, especially in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. These countries are not truly independent and everyone bears responsibility because they have moved away from the limits of God Almighty and used people like sheep by false media and specialists from brokers with various specialties and this is a clear crime against everyone.

  5. Carmine you came up with a good point, about, when does Covid know what time it is? lol The wife and I went to restaurant in our home town and we had to wear a mask to get inside, but we could take the mask off while we were inside, then when we left we were told he had to put our masks back on until we went back through the front door! lol What Bulsshit!

  6. They can not show any science about the virus and the rulles they create.
    In the new world they create only company`s like amazon can be a company and have stores nu free market any more.

  7. PCR can not see if you are infected or have the desease look it up what the creator of pcr kari mullis and that he sayed you can not use pcr like they use it to find if you are ill.

  8. Its not about health if it was they would use all the medicines that there are out there people with cancer take medicine that are not safe but it can save them from cancer so they give it to the.
    There is a ban on medicine for covid and they lie that its unsafe.
    Its about destroying the economy and the vaccine from big pharma.
    Wake up its not a killer virus and there is medicine for it.


  10. Why are they STILL counting cases?!?!!!!

    This guy seems more reasonable though. That's a breath of fresh air. I hope he continues to raise his voice.

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