May 8, 2021


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Downtown Vancouver Protest Against the Lock Down with Dan Dicks

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A growing concern over the economy is causing some to question what we are being told. Donate at: Go Get Funding : …


43 thoughts on “Downtown Vancouver Protest Against the Lock Down with Dan Dicks

  1. Laura, I was doing some research and I am wondering if they have no vaccine for Sars, Mers, N1,N1 for example. How are thinking they will have a vaccine for Covid 19. Would they be calling it a Covid 19 mandatory vaccine when it really is not to fool the people to taking it. Could it be a surveillance serum instead to control the masses world

  2. THANK YOU LAURA-LYNN! From "just one BRUNETTE girl". You're more than "just" .. and I can't thank you enough. Please check out my "1999" TRUMP TOWER cd aptly entitled, NEW ATTITUDE! (some say I predicted the future) .. and my "SONGS IN THE NEWS – 2009 cd (cover has .. wait for it .. OBUMMER on that cover for my youtube animation: OBAMA'S RECESSION BLUES – The First 100 Days. Obama, (as I predicted) was THE most dangerous and CORRUPT (also in bed with SOROS) POTUS in USA HISTORY. President Trump is THE GREATEST POTUS in USA HISTORY and I feel safer as a Canadian with Trump at the helm. THE ODDS of My True Story of my CDs having both TRUMP TOWER ("1999") and OBAMA ("2009") AND George Soros' NEPHEW living DIRECTLY ACROSS THE HALL from me – the SICK HANDWRITTEN SEX NOTE nephew of GS!) are "INCALCULABLE". I would love to share my story in greater depth with you some day if you'd have me. Please enjoy my music for FREE on Youtube "FREEDOM" for Troops, Veterans and THE FALLEN, especially, and Rosemary Storm – THE ATHLETE at Rosemary Storm .com aka The Good Storm .com xo With love. (ps. I don't feel safe living across the hall from Soros' nephew .. not at ALL, which is why I speak out so loudly and I won't be silenced!!!)

  3. You .. "just one blonde girl" as you sated, have a powerful voice and a powerful REACH and I thank you for your investigative TRUTH telling. Already I've had Soros' "goons" pounding on my door as I heard you speak to on this video … it's scary but I won't EVER open my door to ANYONE who comes here unannounced which is my right but they terrorized me just the same .. because I live across the hall from Soro's sick nephew who, in his own hand-writing, slid very sick scary sex notes under my door. I am right now trying to warn (THE GOOD SAMARITAN "LAW") the nephew's NEW PHILIPPINA WIFE about BOUNTY on her new UNCLE-IN-LAWS HEAD in her Homeland of THE PHILIPPINES which puts her in GRAVE DANGER to ever go back there with DUTERTE RE-INSTATING THE DEATH PENALTY just for SOROS who wants to legalize ALL DRUGS. I feel endangered living across from his nephew who used to BRAG about looking just like his billionaire oligarch uncle and his OPEN BORDERS and "SHADOW" Orgs. whcih have been PROVEN to be behind the UKRAINE/BIDEN/CLINTON CORRUPTION too ..TRUDEAU IS IN BED WITH SOROS!!!

  4. PLEASE SHOW PICTURES on your show of JUSTIN with his REAL DADDY who his MOTHER was WELL-KNOWN to have had an AFFAIR with – FIDEL CASTRO. The pictures of Justin next to Castro at EVERY AGE are IDENTICAL. As that man in your interviews said, TRUDEAU IS A "PUPPET" taking his "ORDERS" from SOROS .. GEORGE SOROS, whose SICK NEPHEW lives DIRECTLY ACROSS THE HALL from me, and slid SICK SEX NOTES under my door (I took to the RCMP) – having fantasized about me FOR YEARS. Uncle and nephew look almost identical and nephew just married a Philippina when SOROS has a BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD and DUTERTE REINSTATED "THE DEATH PENALTY" JUST FOR SOROS who wants to LEGALIZE "ALL" DRUGS and OPEN ALL WORLD BORDERS for ILLEGALS to be taken care of for FREE by WE THE PEOPLE. SOROS CONTROLS TRUDEAU and TRUDEAU IS "ILLEGALLY" WORKING WITH HIM "AND" ALLOWING SPY PHONES in HUAWEI into Canada where Trump SMARTLY BANNED IT from the USA!!! This is a VERY DANGEROUS TIME we're living in and TRUDEAU MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!

  5. I feel much safer with President Trump at the helm of the USA, when arrogant IDIOT TRUDEAU owned by CHINA (Huawei) and SOROS, are letting ILLEGALS come into our country EN MASSE as SOROS wants – OPEN BORDERS SOCIETY and he also wants to LEGALIZE "ALL" DRUGS … he wants to take over where his buddy Hitler left off .. in "FACT", he's a Jew who helped Hitler murder Jews and STILL hates ISRAEL. Trudeau is the SON OF CASTRO .. LOOK AT THE PICTURES with Fidel and his mom. PLEASE DO A SHOW ON THIS … Tam is terrifying just to LOOK at let alone to listen to. HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE/AZITH has HIGH SAFE RATE OF CURE but Trudeau won't allow it!!! LYNN VALLEY CARE CENTER used it and now they are VIRUS-FREE.

  6. Maggie Trudeau (JT's mom) had an AFFAIR with Fidel Castro. It's well known. Check pics of Fidel holding Justin as an infant while Maggie strokes Castro's arm and Pierre stands beside them. JUSTIN LOOKS IDENTICAL TO CASTRO at EVERY AGE. Need I say more? Oh yes, Trudeau is "ILLEGALLY" dealing with GEORGE SOROS. Trudeau is DANGEROUS. Beyond hypocritical.

  7. The "SHADOWY" individual is GEORGE SOROS (whose Organization is CALLED "S"HADOW) .. George Soros is ILLEGALLY doing business with JUSTIN TRUDEAU and Gates is in bed with CHINA. President WINNIE "XI" POOH is guilty of INTENTIONAL, FIRST DEGREE MASS MURDER and SOROS is the ARCH ENEMY of the USA GOP Party. TRUDEAU'S mother MAGGIE had an WELL-KNOWN AFFAIR with FIDEL CASTRO (compare pics of Justin and Fidel at EVERY age – they look IDENTICAL) IF Justin was really Pierre's son, we might be in good hands, but JT is in bed ILLEGALLY with SOROS who is BANNED from 6 NATIONS and DEATH PENALTY was reinstated for him in the PHILIPPINES with a BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD. PLEASE investigate these facts/Discuss…. SOCIALISM is in JUSTIN'S BLOOD. He's dangerous. CHINA ONLY USES CEL PHONES to buy EVERYTHING – NO CASH. SCARY.

  8. Thanks Dan Dicks, and the guy before him, thanks Laura-Lynn and all protesters. Be careful and keep your head down. Looks like the n w o trying to take over, Trump or no Trump.

  9. When and where does Dan Dicks plan to organize the next protest in Vancouver? It's time we voice our concerns. Stronger together only works if all the people stand up and speak up. I am beyond livid about the restrictions imposed on healthy citizens. If the governments want to prevent disease, why do they put so much sugar in foods and beverages which lead to diabetes, or carcinogenic substances that lead to cancer. Why is an entire global population under the tyranny of governments? The current policies create fear which paralyzes people. It takes courage to mobilize people. Our family wants to join the next protest in Vancouver.

  10. Vancouver is too long recession stay home,it is too much.a lot people suffer,
    the damage is too much,
    a lot business down bankruptcy too deep,and a lot business will not reopen,

  11. There has to be a revolt and push back peaceful or not. I have long since coming to the terms I would have to be violent in the endtimes. I am not going willingly to slavery or damnnation

  12. Excellent Laura. Ive been following the US updates, maybe you’re aware of QAnon movement. It will be absolutely horrifying for people when everything is revealed. PM is part of all the deep state criminal activities. And you know who his real dad is right? Dr.Tam is part of the WHO, it’s all bullshit. Everyone needs to go outside and do whatever they want and take their freedom back. ??

  13. Canada's economy is toast. There will be a severe depression even if it is lifted now. Canada will need a lot of fentanyl. Expect this to go on for years.

  14. These people are cowards. We have all had to sacrifice our job security and our mental health because it is our duty to prevent the death of people even people we dont know. These people shirk there responsibility and whine because they were brought up to believe that they are the center of the universe. They are unwilling to sacrifice. They are cowards and are going to have to live on the wrong side of history. There are no laws to harsh to punish this bestial behaviour. They do not deserve to cohabit with decent carring citizens. Be gone. Go south. Live in the land of self-centeredness and folly. We dont want you.

  15. Covid 19 death toll 205K worldwide. 100 trillion dollars does you what if you become one of those who die from Covid 19? Further to this here are the statistical numbers for Canada confirmed infections, recoveries and deaths.
    Canada All Confirmed 46,648



    Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths

    British Columbia
    1,948 1,137 100

    24,107 5,342 1,515

    14,432 8,000 835

    4,233 1,471 73

    Nova Scotia
    873 439 24

    353 288 4

    271 19 6

    Newfoundland and Labrador
    258 219 3

    New Brunswick
    118 111 0
    Updated less than 2 hours ago·
    Living with Covid 19 without isolating and social distancing is recommended Italy
    Coronavirus: 197,675 confirmed Cases and 26,644 Deaths …and France
    Confirmed 125K Recovered 44,903 Deaths 22856 And this is not over yet right now the governments are not in control and this protesting is endangering peoples lives.You may have the right to individual freedoms but you do NOT have the Right to endanger others lives with your self entitled piss-ant attitude.

  16. So sad that it is same r0 as flu. Everyone got all worked up with fear that they let government make ridiculous choices. When so much on tv is preaching gloom and doom and ppl think that the government would not shut the economy down if this was not akin to Ebola but they did.

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