Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Boosting Immunity w Glutathione – Nature’s Incredible Anti-Oxidant. #CoronaVirus

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Innovator, US Senate Candidate (R-MA) will provide a molecular systems analysis of glutathione – nature’s incredible anti-oxidant.




40 thoughts on “Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Boosting Immunity w Glutathione – Nature's Incredible Anti-Oxidant. #CoronaVirus”
  1. Its great you're running for the senate, Dr. Shiva… but I'm in Texas, so I can't vote for you. You should be running for president instead b/c, I mean, who in their right mind would still vote for Biden or Trump if we had any reasonable options? These current candidates are both so ridiculously bad, it's absurd ! More like asking us to vote for Herbert the Pervert or the Annoying Orange. wth.

  2. Really sad to hear you talk about race and how they don't want brown people etc very disappointing. I think @Jack is an idiot I don't think he cares about the color of your skin.
    Playing the victim card is so beneath you.

  3. Folks do yourselves a favor and check out molecular hydrogen infused water. Look at the information and decide if it is for you. You drink water with hydrogen infused in it and it has many reported benefits. Find videos on youtube where Tyler LeBaron is interviewed and there are others also. I am in no way connected to the hydrogen institute or any businesses relating to hydrogen products. The more I learn about it the more enthusiastic I get – this may very well be the future in medicine. Decide for yourself. Take care

  4. Please discuss molecular hydrogen infused water. Tyler W. LeBaron heads up the molecular hydrogen Institute in U.S.A .If you could interview him that would be enlightening and beneficial to your followers. Thanks

  5. Dr. Shiva , do you hear about Riboceine. (Ribo and cysteine) the most effective way to produce glutathione within the cells. Cysteine don’t pass the digestive track . Dr Nagasawa find out that if he cover the cysteine with a sugar the cysteine will reach the cell and produce glutathione.

  6. … here’s another thought, one which I would like Dr Shiva to address… doc- with ALL the talk about covid-19, it’s virulence- or lack there of, etc… and to my knowledge, with so much public- speculation and NO INFORMATION yet provided to the general- public about the “EXACT- TRUE” make- up AND NATURE of THIS SPECIFIC virus, what is the possibility that someone associated with you can obtain a sample of “the virus”, expose it to a “glutathione- level- interrogation” by “cyto- solve”, and provide humanity the knowledge about IT, as you provide about glutathione?… thanks doc!

  7. dr shiva is shining the light for humanity to follow,dr shiva is Americas only chance for truth freedom and health for all,dr shiva is fighting for us and our children,we must not let dr shiva down,donot allow a single snide comment,speak up immediately,you must not allow trolls to call dr shiva,he loves us

  8. Hi from uk 🇬🇧
    Can you take this while on chemo tablets ?
    Which Iv been on for 1 year
    And intro chemo for 6 months
    I also take
    Other supplements
    Is it possible to find out
    Thank you 🙏🏽
    Hope you may see my post 😇🙏🏽💕🌍

  9. Thank you Dr. SHIVA for sharing your knowledge. I am looking forward to every lecture if yours. They are fascinating and extremely well presented. I hope you WIN🙏🙏🙏

  10. Dr Shiva told me to email him, but right now I am not sure how to use his attention help here in Sweden. I have a Somali middle aged friend, and she got the advise to eat 800 IU of vitamin D per day, which is clearly too little for her as she only has her black hands and face exposed to the Swedish sun.

    One alternative media in Sweden reported on what the UK media did on last Wednesday – That big pharma is killing now! They removed the Indonesian study, because he is dead, and you will be too if you let these fuckers rule!

  11. Hi, Dr. Shiva. Great topic today! I would like for you to sometime discuss how we can optimize our thyroid function naturally. I currently take 88mcg of Levothyroxine daily and would like to eliminate the medication. Thanks!

  12. @Dr.Shiva the Deep-State is marching forward with this distancing/quarantine measures and looks like they are gaining momentum and relentless fake news about high number of new COVID-19 cases… what can we do??? I see ppl here in Texas scared and it’s so disappointing.

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