20 thoughts on “Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Jun 15, MON, 12Noon. RALLY Against Forced Vaccinations – Repeal Kennedy Vaccine Act”
  1. Thank you Dr. Shiva for the eye opening and everything that is going on. But this is bunch of nonsense to impose vaccination on everybody. Is about time we STOP these Kennedy's about their senseless ideological deception to use humanity as escape goats to make themselves rich. This is now, All hands on deck.

  2. Why should we follow some criminals democrats when they are part of indescribable practices such as torturing and murdering children to get their youth elixir the adrenochrome H9C9NO3, all this elite involved. It is time TO HAVE GENUINE PEOPLE IN POLITICS AND PEOPLE THAT DO NOT STAIN WHAT IS REAL POLITICS …AND NOT LIES OVER CENTURIES.

  3. If Minister Farrakhan approved of that message, he needs to be removed immediately because HE WILL NEVER (upon his knowing will NEVER tell the MUSLIMS TO INJECT themselves outside of KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM). STOP 🛑 using the indigenous people in this BS because that’s WHO ARE actually being target 🎯!!!

  4. They will be using weather Warfare 7.0 this season 2 so when you plan things plan mindfully plan for all kinds of weather they love to disrupt anything with whether many things have been witnessed it would just Amaze you but again you have to see it to believe it well soon enough you will stay Tuff Fight Hard Freedom doesn't come easy Freedom truth and health

  5. Do you think it might be helpful to publicize the possibility that all of these individuals involved could eventually be charged and prosecuted for treason?

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