21 thoughts on “Dr. SHIVA LIVE: Speech Supporting Small Business in Oxford MA – Victory for #TruthFreedomHealth”
  1. Absolutely awesome Dr. Shiva!
    Dropping serious knowledge there!
    I live in Worcester and can't stand Pocahontas!!!!
    You have my vote and I will be telling others to consider voting for you.

  2. Thanks High Impact !!
    Joe Rogan canceled by the thought police!!
    Joe is a very successful guy.
    We have to start playing hard ball.
    High Impact, Joe Rogan, Vincent Rhodes, masters report, eric dubay, london live, dr shiva etc have more in common than differences.
    You guys need to get together and get ONE attorney to go after google when they violate the constitution !!
    Stop letting them run over you.
    AMerican have over one million attorneys and they need your business !
    Start kickiing AZZ!!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. look at this quote from Fauci……they want us to be like Korea and do whatever the government tells us:

    “I don’t like to see people out in bars congregating without masks right now,” Fauci said in an interview, but he added, “We may have mayors and may have governors who are saying the right thing, but because of the individual spirit of our country, we don’t listen to authority. You go to Korea, you go to Japan, when the authorities say something, man, it gets done.”

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