Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Why the #Shiva4Senate US Senate Race is the MOST historic campaign & HOW you can be a part of it.

D. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Innovator, Entrepreneur, US Senate Candidate (R-MA), discusses why the US Senate Race is the MOST historic campaign in modern times, and HOW you can be a part of creating the future.


30 thoughts on “Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Why the #Shiva4Senate is the MOST important campaign & HOW you can be a part of it.”
  1. Thank you Doc for sharing your personal story about the caste system. I am very familiar with that plight.

    From the materialist stand point kick their ass. My father worked at Holyoke Hospital MA and his office was Holyoke Internal Medicine. He let me know just how insurance destroyed medicine. At that point it was Blue Cross Blue Shield. They were the beginning of telling my father old school used to do house calls doctor what he could and not do for them. My father used to treat people for free paid for it himself. His patients loved him. Bless you my Brother I do hope if you get in you don’t get bought off. Their are no coincidences and you already know that. Thus your comment about your life’s work.Love all of you out there you are all miracles! My fathers name was Dr. Jeter C. Hall. The British are here!! My name is Jonathan and Revere lives in my heart. Bless each and every one of you! Stand together undivided on the platform of Truth, Love and Freedom. Let us also not forget Justice because these career criminals need to GO!

  2. The President needs you, I pray you both win. Fantastic, you rose from an untouchable and came to America and hopefully will join Trump to help save us, Trump's untouchables according to the elitists.

  3. Dear Dr SHIVA JI,
    As a Genuine Responsible mother, I really want to make significant contributions to your political campaigns because as a Intelligent Sensible sensitive human being ( I am not going to be a robot for the DEEP STATE ) I am fully aware of the fact that we are together doing it for good deed and I want to see the truly
    RADICAL TRANSFORMATION for our children's and their children's children's bright future. Therefore, we really have to take this into our hearts we have no other choice so we have to WIN!!!!

  4. We are together going to win PROFOUNDLY POWERFULLY on 1st of September because it is a historic moments not just elections!
    Outside USA how can one to help the phone call because the DEEP Authoritarian tyrannical Global fascistic Government has branches throughout the world!
    We need to eliminate the 1962 Kennedy VACCINATION ACT why we still use the fraud old VACCINATION ACT???

  5. good luck maybe pick an easier opponent both parties are half evil natural alternatives from god's organic garden .greenmedinfo.com/article/nigella-sativa-has-potent-anti-sars-cov-activity
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  6. I wish many more people could realize that " Shiva4Senate is the MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL CAMPAIGN in a Human History!!!
    Therefore, What A Beautiful Studio you have set up Dr.Shiva Ji!
    September 1st WE MUST WIN !!!
    Every time I watch this AMAZING Video my heart is so deeply touched by It. By this time, tears are streaming down my face with IMMEASURABLE HUMBLE GRATITUDE and an Immense Joy. Because this AMAZING Video is our Video so I am going to share this with HUMANITY!!!

  7. dr shiva deserves the nobel prize for science for his magnificent gift to humanity CYTOSOLVE this guy is the greatest scientist in the world,and a brilliant teacher,even a crazy fool like myself can understand him,hes great

  8. The biggest problem Shiva is that so many think they are their bodies. They are dead. They have no concept nor idea who they are. Know thyself. Gov is nor ever will be the answer. The USA is USA Inc. now. Until we awake to our true identity of who we are nothing will change. The blind leading the blind. A new Aeon is arriving and the materialists days are numbered. Let go of this world and Love your Neighbor. Turn off your TV and Love your Neighbor. Something is coming that all the military powers combined in the world can not stop. None of the religions can stop it. It is knocking at all our doors as we speak and it will consume this world with fire. Spiritual fire. The tiny folks at the top that think they have control are about to find out that they are already dead. Live in the now and spread the key to all our problems. Love and the truth of whom we are is the answer and key to unlocking the door of serenity without government. Make your choice because a mind divided will fall.

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