19 thoughts on “Economies Under Pressure from Coronavirus Spread”
  1. Love your show Patrick!. Title should read 'Economies Under Pressure from Coronovirus FEAR Spread by Mainstream Media and Possibility of W.H.O. Downplaying It's Fatality & Spread Rate'.. Still Love you man 😉

  2. Dem / Republican BOTH social IST, innit?
    Big biz socialize losses, blended version of govt/bigbiz/ power = myth of two party system.
    Blessings from nz Aotearoa land of the long white cloud ♡

  3. Oil is literally and figuratively the lubricant that greases the machine that is the Military Industrial Complex. When demand takes a dump, OPEC + Regimes will inevitably disagree, causing volatile shocks. That leads to fear which leads to margin calls from selloffs. That means any and everything wwith value will go down short term. Gold, Bitcoin, and anything not nailed down will be sold. Short term we're gonna get sale prices until bullion dealers run low. Then we'll see truer price discovery

  4. Is it possible that the gold silver ratio is forming a double top here having reached the highes level back in 1991? That would be a very bullish sign for silver from here

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