September 25, 2021


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Elections Canada fines Ezra Levant $3,000 for book comparing Trudeau to Tony Soprano

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31 thoughts on “Elections Canada fines Ezra Levant $3,000 for book comparing Trudeau to Tony Soprano

  1. Talk about Communism, what country is this, this is bloody ridiculous, empty suits like this really earning their money here, questions sound like they're asking a kid in Grade 5, won't tell Ezra who complained, utter foolishness, sue them all Ezra these commies need to go down, Trudeau is a criminal, you're just speaking truth!

  2. @ezralevant A thought on the Lebrano Trust Baby fining U $3K for election law. Netflix released on Oct23/20 a movie called "Totally Under Control" it basically slams Trump for not controling the covid virus and the election was Nov3/20.
    Now that's election tampering by Netflix. I know US law and Canada law are different, but I just found it interesting how this would definitely be a promotional product that would have an impact on an election. Yet you put out a book that you're allowed to promote during an election and you get a fine from a secret trial.

  3. Listen, Trudeau wanted to bring in Chinese troops to learn how to fight in cold weather?
    O. K so take him to court and expose him good on court,only a corupt judge would say j t is just a peachy guy.

  4. All information should have been revealed about supposed complaint, however this is critical for every writer, artist, cartoonist and anyone who posts even a flyer . They should have to pay you for the inconvenience of the "lie".they created. I hope it changes thus situation,, you will win.
    We do NOT live in a communist country. It is an opinion.
    The other thing is you were entitled to be there, and to be prepared, so this could not have happened in the first place.
    They should have to pay for attacking "freedom of speach" and their attempt at censorship. Even if it us only political discrediting !
    Which actually could be alot!
    Should be front page news !
    I hope it protects "artist's" and writers from this style of extreme censorship.

  5. How disgraceful an author of a book fined $3000 because he dare criticise Justice Trudeau, an inept politician loathed by his countrymen, a Satanist and a very insignificant little man. Justin Trudeau permits Royalty to traffic children from Canada.

  6. Is the government really that stupid? Or are you cutting Trudeau in on the book royalties and this whole thing is a scam for cash?
    So embarrassing . Don't these people know your a lawyer?

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