April 20, 2021


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Elon Musk Says Bye to 'FASCIST' California and Hello to Texas | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 679

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33 thoughts on “Elon Musk Says Bye to 'FASCIST' California and Hello to Texas | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 679

  1. coup d'etat
    The biden's are a domestic terrorist group sought out to help China overthrow the American government
    Trump started putting tariffs on China in a trade war also a tech war so the Chinese released covid-19 started with their own people because of their population and their trouble feeding all their people now it has affected the whole world Biden will not hold China responsible because he has been in cahoots with them along with the rest of his family he is China's end game

  2. Did you Know organizers have brought 400,000.+ Muslims to Texas. They
    Claim Its a religion!!? Sharia Law& Koran
    Non assimilation in this Republic
    🇺🇸 ask the victims who fled here
    violence, domination, child bribes
    Mohammad ALLAH wickedness
    By teir LAWs

  3. Blaze TV drifts away from the truth
    Alot 4 yrs of hypocrisy ! Musk is positioning himself to Texas from
    California push his GIGANTIC POWER
    To the greatest State of freedom o control his GLOBAL empire of Evil Greed

  4. The police in Portland should not only quit, they should take all the supplies with them. Cars, weapons, ammo, body armor, everything. If Portland doesn't want the police force, they don't need any of that stuff. Take it to a city that needs it and will use it. After all, stealing is a form of social justice, right?

  5. But with the new law that CA has made, they will still be taxed to death. So if you move you still get screwed by CA!! If the Californians are moving out don't bring you demonrat ways with you, the rest of us don't want it!!!

  6. Between left-wing New Yorkers and left-wing Californians moving to other states, we don't stand a chance. They are too stupid to connect the dots. And what about the people who can't afford to move because of what's being done? I am trying hard but I can't see how this will not end in civil War.

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