March 2, 2021


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'Embarrassing' for Twitter banning 'someone like myself': Hopkins

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Columnist Katie Hopkins questions “how much longer can conservatives sit and be censored” after the commentator received a permanent ban from Twitter for a …


26 thoughts on “'Embarrassing' for Twitter banning 'someone like myself': Hopkins

  1. One can state vile things about conservatives on The Guardian and The Conversation and be applauded – state something negative about anything lefty, especially about minorities and one will be reported/moderated.

  2. Why not just file a law suit on any social media that bans certain people's. Walmart has rules, but they cannot only apply them against black people. Social media runners are doing just that. Start filing lawsuits for racism, bias against a persons sexual orientations, and gender bias. The laws go BOTH WAYS. Start filing lawsuits people.

  3. Never, since the days of Stalin and mao, hasthere been such suppression of dissent and general censorship . So much for free speech. I wonder before baboons object and want to ban katie. Make your day-upset a woke arsehole TODAY.

  4. Sky News Australia is a Godsend.
    Thank you for giving us a voice at last. And for broadcasting any and all necessary news that we don't get from the biased BBC in the UK. They just spread disinformation and lies. It's why people are switching off in their droves and want the BBC defunded. I subscribed to your channel quite some time ago. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU

  5. Don't worry Hopkins… that no talent JACK ASS DORSEY is going to face lot of consequences banning conservatives… It's good already in US lot of people boycotting twitter… The no talentJACK ASS DORSEY is doing all this coz his sister company SQUARE is doing great and he doesn't care about twitter anymore… Soon the square bubble is going crash as well… He is spineless will ban only conservatives….because they have the agenda..if they ban you they have to ban trump as well…. he won't dare to ban trump…coz he will be bankrupted….. I challenge this asshole JACK ASS DORSEY to ban TRUMP……….

  6. Twitter bans whoever is a threat to them and who tells the truth ! People can twit hate speeches, putting a president down, spread political propaganda, but to say someone has big balls is banned ! Double Standards big time

  7. You can really tell that Rupert Murdoch owns this shit. Old white guy owns old white company that is full of white people who interview well known fascists like Katie Hopkins. She was forced out of the spotlight here becaus, ya know, WW2 was about beating the Nazi scum, not giving them jobs in TV. If most people in Aussie share these views, thank fuck I live in Africa.

  8. She is trying to keep a brave face on it lol. Her relevance and audience has dropped permanently. Alex Jones springs to mind. LOL!! Twitter is where everyone is!! Parler ain't going to be much of a platform as everyone there is in agreement with each other – they are all racists lol. Parler only has 1 million users lol, Twitter 330 million!! Her main reason to exist is to spout her right wing comments to the masses. This is bad.

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