March 2, 2021


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End Low Back Pain: 7 Stretches & Strengthening Exercises-Daily Routine

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29 thoughts on “End Low Back Pain: 7 Stretches & Strengthening Exercises-Daily Routine

  1. Thank u Bob and Brad .I do not know very good English, yet I watch your video. If I understand by speaking something, I can understand it by watching something. Your information is very correct for back pain.

  2. Hi Bob & Brad: Every morning, I have my lower back sore and gets me an uncomfortable feeling as it is stiff and I can't bend down. The pain is light and bearable (it is more un-comforting stiffness than a real pain though). But later during the course of the day it vanishes and I feel fine. However, if I walk more than 2-30 mins or stand in one position (like in a queue etc) it starts to hurt but nothing during playing sports or running, it's just the standing position or slow walks as in malls or public places)

  3. You guys are adorable! I tweaked my back a week ago and a visit to the chiropractor only made it worse. Looking forward to trying out your tips (along with plenty of Yoga with Adriene back pain routines) to get things on the mend. Thanks for not only the useful information, but for presenting it in such a joyful playful way.

  4. Love you Guys I just introduced you to my Mum she said I have a huge amount of back pain she has tried other methods to reduce pain. I said to Her you obviously haven't met Bob n Brad yet so thanks so much I'm sure she will subscribe and be on the road to recovery. Cheers Boyz

  5. I am so glad I found this video. I’ve dealt with lower back pain for years. This video was very helpful. I’m going to see if you have one for plantar fasciitis.

  6. Thank you Bob and Brad you both saved my back. I was diagnosed with cysticercosis at right spine and slip disc trust me I have gone through hell sleeping with that pain all day, these exercises helped me a lot, I did this continuously for two weeks & i got results. From my bottom of my heart to Bob and Brad Thank you so much.

  7. And here I am, a 30yo guy who was trying to dress up after a shower and suddenly felt a sharp pain in the lower back while reaching for the pants and now it still hurts while I do anything. And I thought I was still young, guess not.

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