April 22, 2021


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Ep. 143: What's The Matter With Populism? (feat. Thomas Frank) | Rumble w Michael Moore podcast

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26 thoughts on “Ep. 143: What's The Matter With Populism? (feat. Thomas Frank) | Rumble w Michael Moore podcast

  1. The only existing Left-Wing is the one that lives in the minds of certain individuals. There is nothing on our federal level of government (other than "TALK" or diversional tools) that is remotely Left-Leaning.

  2. When Jesus healed the sick and the blind…He didn't send them a bill. Also He drank wine…which leads me to believe that, had someone at the wedding had some good pot, He would've hit the pipe as well.

    Be well.

  3. As soon as Obama started kissing Bankster ass, never reconstituting Habeas Corpus, expanded spying, war crimes, kissing Insurance ass, he destroyed all justice on earth.

  4. Yes, Trump must be accepted as the culmination that causes a reversion of the political spectrum back into the people’s hands. Or at least a tangible acceptance of the narrowing change in circumstances that dictates choices: we must choose life over death, choosing fertility over desertification like the surface of the moon. Look up the Trillion Tree Initiative signed into law by Trump thru an EO. It’s just one of many measures needed to avert climate chaos. Also, rebuild infrastructure sustainably & build housing sustainably, so the people can participate, as it’s too hard to get involved if you’re homeless.

  5. We need to hold the elected progressives to account. There is no time for fake progressives who continue to carry the water for the DNC.

  6. In reference to Germany’s disastrous attempt at democracy following the the First World War armistice and prior to the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich (‘The Weimar Republic’ 1919 – 1933), an English historian famously noted:
    ”German history had reached its turning point, and failed to turn.”

    So, while it is without doubt crucial to get to the bottom of what allowed the four-year Trumpist Crisis to happen (social media?), in 2021 it is equally crucial, if not more so, to isolate with extreme precision what went right in the end, and why it did. It is in no way obvious how America, upon reaching her turning point, managed to successfully turn.

    As best we can tell, The US Supreme Court should be given the lion’s share of the credit in this case. The problem of course is that the outcome was not forgone. ‘SCOTUS’ could have just as easily gone another way. All we really learned about the Supreme Court is the fact of its supremacy.

    Much of how our democracy works is conditioned on ‘good faith’. But the Tea Party, née Republican Party’s, brazen and ongoing project to break our democracy at any cost has decidedly exposed their adoption of ‘bad faith’. They have displayed time and again their peculiar fascination with extreme nationalist far-right populism, authoritarianism, a quasi-völkisch racism, and a postmodern “Truth Is Relative” guiding first principle.

  7. Progressive people in congress (bernie & "the squad") represent the regular American. We ALL the people dems and most Drumpfists what we want our congress lawmakers to make tangible, actual money in our pockets difference. Allow US to work a single job and be able to have a happy successful life. Universal health care, sustainable wage, paid time off, paid family leave, paid child care, paid higher education most of this can be achieved through finally taxing the wealthy and ideas like you brought up the cent a trade idea.

    Thank you Michael Moore and Thomas Frank!!

  8. How can I properly engage in this conversation when there’s an advert every 150 seconds? Not listening anymore which is a shame as I was looking forward to it. And people wonder what’s wrong with America when a left-wing podcast has this amount of ads?!!!!

  9. the perverted version of christianity that supported hitler was trying to make a religious vision come true,the perverted version of christianity that supports trump/pence are trying to make a variation of the same vision come true,what kinda religion looks to hitler&trump for blessings from the god of abraham

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