May 11, 2021


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Ep. 39: Bloomberg And His Own "Kids In Cages"

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28 thoughts on “Ep. 39: Bloomberg And His Own "Kids In Cages"

  1. Guess I’ve been keeping my head in the sand! I had no idea what kind of person Bloomberg is! Thank God he’s no longer running for president. Now, he is backing Biden? Does Biden know who this man really is? This is truly frightening. Thanks for sharing your insights. Bernie has always been the best man. Hope he wins.

  2. Had no idea that things were that bad in NYC with Bloomberg, unbelievable. People seem to think it’s not their responsibility to help disadvantaged children through education and healthcare etc. well look at it this way, if money is all you care about doesn’t it make more sense to fund preschools than prisons?

  3. I really don't understand, why "those people" still want to kill us? They hand pick who can be free. Ohh, it could be the same reason that they killed Khadafi. Was that killing also a sign? Many surprise deaths, but "the powers "have been typecasting Indigenous Black American as all committing crimes , or, we are paranoid to think that, or no one wants unity in the united states?? Are we all powerless against these policies? Can enough people uniting change this country into a progressive one?

  4. Michael Moore says that 5 million people were "stopped and frisked", but the population of the greater NYC area is only 20 million. So, the people being affected were the same people over and over. How about some stats about that? In all those millions of incidents … of course there are going to be mistakes or incompetent of bad policemen having bad days. Imagine it from the side of the Police as well? A job has to be done because there is a lot of street crime. Here in SF CA there are crazy people out on the streets … the streets that everyone shares, and even more so in NY. No one wants to spend the money to do anything for these people who make the streets uncomfortable and unsafe, they just want them gone or scared to bother people or commit crime. And our political system seems to be about hijacking those people's rights or steering them off to political uselessness – anything to keep them from taking over the vote. That is why we have a majority of people who do not vote. Do people who do not vote really deserve to be treated like royalty, given free education and health care? The tragedy of so many people born into poverty … why is it everyone's job to pay for the children of poverty. It is a nice theoretical discussion, and we can all feel sorry for the massive tragedy that is the USA, but just pretending these are all citizens like you and me is unworkable, and talking in sympathetic tones about one person or a small percentage of problematic people … who sadly if you help create more and more of the same problem people – in general massive statistics. No one likes to think of people statistically, but that is what government is all about in a way.

  5. The problem is that the POINT is getting hijacked. Bloomberg is an awful politician, but he is not a terrorist. He is an activist for his class. When you go to big cities these days there are tons of very scary people, and to be honest, most of them on the streets are darker than white, let's put it that way. There are historic reasons for that that we can talk about forever, but to base a political campaign on poor misunderstood street thugs, or the innocent non-thugs who get caught up in trying to fight the real thugs because it is hard to fight street thugs. Think about how hard it is to fight the white billionaire thugs.

    The conversation is always steered to an unproductive direction that aims off the road, and in your own way you aid that Michael Moore.

  6. Michael, I don't like what you are describing about the stop and frisk and anti-Republican marches being busted and held in a warehouse, but the police have to protect the peace and not allow things to get close to a riot. You make it sound like you are surprised that there are such things are police informants, when in your F-9/11 movie you had that scene where a local civic group found out that one of their members was a police officer from a nearby city? You must know more about what is going on than that, and that was almost 20 years ago. What kind of movie could you really put together today and open people's eyes to?

  7. Michael, I love your movies and this podcast, but why the attacks on Bloomberg, he is out. He is humiliated. Why is this the first time we are hearing anything from you about Bloomberg? I am not a supporter of Bloomberg or stop and frisk, but how many of them really did nothing? Progressive have to get past being branded with extreme prejudice. Even blacks know a lot of their kids have problems. That is a systemic problem going way way back, but to ignore it allows Republicans to brand Democrats as socialists, or open border proponents, or concerned with criminals more than they are with working people. And Democrats do this on purpose … the Democratic party's existence is to be puppets for Republicans … they are all paid with Republican money.

  8. Fuck all of them… the Centrists and GOP are one in the same… Corporate Criminal Party … no duopoly.
    And Fuck the DNC and their vote rigging… the Dead Biden Campaign got some Fraction Magic. Stop with Hillary… she cheated in 2016 and got a taste of her own medicine… she and Trump are the same shit diff day.

    Michael, you may want to pass along to Bernie, WE are NOT voting for a candidate that they tell us we HAVE to vote for AGAIN. So he needs to fight the fake results… or The Democrats and Republicans will get what they deserve… Abandonment…We are going to start the People's Party… period.

  9. Bloomberg has a true, to the bone Napoleon syndrome. Even though he is out of the race you have to realize, if you truly wanted to beat Donald Trump he would’ve run against him in the Republican primaries. He would not have paid $300,000 to the DNC to change the rules to allow him to enter the Democratic primaries unless he had a goal, that goal was to do everything in his power to take as many votes and delegates away from Bernie Sanders. Just because Bloomberg is out of the race doesn’t mean he’s out of the “game” his money is dedicated to ensuring that he props up Joe Biden in every way possible, if you thought you were sick of seeing Bloomberg ads you ain’t seen nothing yet, when he puts his money behind Biden ads! Bloomberg also has a horrible housing scheme still in play using the homeless families to funnel money from the federal government to his rich friends who own dilapidated properties that house the homeless charging New York City $3700 a month for properties it would not even rent for five dollars! It’s gross. It’s easily looked up. YouTube Bloomberg homelessness housing and you will find a 30 minute documentary done by Al Jazeera and it shows the most horrific conditions these poor families have to live in! Let us not forget Bloomberg worked with the CIA to do mass surveillance of Muslims in their churches, schools, universities throughout the entire state of New York no one ever asked how he got that kind of power and sustains that power within New York City to this day. I am not sure Americans are aware that since Desert Storm, Desert shield in the last 20 years prior to our illegal unconstitutional invasion of a sovereign nation General Wesley Clark Senior was at the Pentagon and while there was shown a list of seven nations that we had planned on invading Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen & Congo. These nations were to be toppled regime changed within five years. General Wesley Clark shook his head and said is this classified in the man who showed it to and said now, the letter stated that these nations were to be toppled within five years, General Clark stated how do we plan on doing that? The gentleman having the letter stated I don’t know. So we pre-planned all of these invasions In 1997! Everything I just said is easily looked up on YouTube just type in Wesley Clark senior Iraq invasion and you will see him speaking on this openly. Our nation planned and has executed a slow rolling world war. Our Congress has never an act of the War Powers act article 1 section 8 that no president can go to war without the express permission of Congress which is supposed to be the representative of the people. So if Germany in the 1920s was the scourge of the earth then what does this make the United States now?

  10. Blooming onion is out of the race. Now it's Biden and Bernie.

    Biden is going to run to the very last. Because Biden losing to Trump is less threatening to entrenched concentrations of private wealth and power than a Bernie nomination.

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