May 11, 2021


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46 thoughts on “Ep. 51: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM — The Awful Truth

  1. Learn GAAP… teach GAAP so the uneducated can learn basic Christianity.. to render as per the Son as per the Constitution's article one section eight point one.. collect taxes for defense and General Welfare of united states. //
    show no mercy to any one that defies them… the virus is the easiest method.. and no body has to do anything just remind the stupid that the virus is in the words of trump, a hoax.. they can learn more after they go out..

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  3. Listening from 2020-04-28 Philadelphia, PA, USA. We've reacted but not enough as of yet. I am afraid of North America eventually having the same or higher number of deaths Europe currently has. Overall, NA is a less healthy continent than Europe. Obesity, heart problems, & diabetes run rampant here. If we even half of us get this virus here, we'll be royally screwed and the result will be extremely sad. Some states have even started re-opening some things, and these happen to be states with high incidences of these chronic conditions the virus is suspectible to doing major damage at.

  4. Government needs to take back the power to print money and discharge it's debt as odious, and take over the fed and nationalize it . AND declare Washington DC as part of the states, not a separate city state entity so DC has culpability and a responsibility to its citizens that can be enforced by military tribunal

  5. South Korea is testing 20,000 a day – not 10,000!
    And it's really not appropriate to advocate prioritising the lives of people who understand scientific basics over those who believe the world was created in September 1922 because they've been taught – through no fault of their own – their entire lives! That's cold, dude!

    But it's really not fair to blame the entire crisis on Trump!
    Yes: of course he is an embarrassment to the American people, on the International stage, and has made the United States into even more of a laughing stock than it already was, as well as SHATTERING the US's reputation and trustworthiness, as a partner in bi- and multi-national agreements & treaties: — but he didn't create America's warped and predatory "Health Care" system! Nor did he create this virus…

    And a Political leader &/or National administrator can only be so good as the information and recommendations he is given!

    And the Democrats have CHEATED Bernie, yet again — but he NEVER calls them out for it, and won't ever shut up about how Joe Biden is his dearest fucking friend — even going on the news telling voters that 'Joe Biden can beat Trump'… Even though that's a ridiculous and transparent LIE!

    Not only does Biden NOT have a SINGLE fucking POLICY, but he can't even complete a coherent sentence!! Donald Trump would utterly OBLITERATE #JoeBidementia in seven minutes flat!

  6. Forgot to mention that I grew up just outside of Flint (Fenton)and am well aware of the years of struggle in that region (63 yrs. old) . I've been a progressive DEMACRAT since the beginning but only recently became aware of the designation thanks to Bernie and yourself. Proud to fight for RIGHT, while staying as far LEFT as possible. I hope the country comes around in my lifetime. If not, I've raised a brilliant progressive daughter and taught her the values to carry on the fight. If the present generation will get off of their asses and vote the world will change for the better. Demacrats prevail when they get off their ass and participate! Republican's count on suppressing that participation as witnessed each and every election year. That point needs to be driven home, VOTE !

  7. Hey, Michael, I live just outside of T/C and want you to know how much I appreciate your insight. It's rare in this area of the state, as I'm sure you're aware. It's really devistating that in such a beautiful area there is such rampant ignorance! You are thought provoking and factually informative. Thank you so very,very much. Keep the ball rolling, I hope I'm fortunate enough to spend 5 minutes conversing with you sometime in the near future. BIG FAN !! Go Bernie/ Go Michael!

  8. Absent Joe said he would veto Medicare For All if it came to his desk. Bash Trump all you want. As far as I'm concerned, there's not a lick of difference.between the Reps and the Dems. And it's the Dems who are, once again, cheating Sanders: who is the only person who will look out for the people. Where the ef is our presumptive fearless leader?! This pandemic is bringing out our true colors. No, Michael Moore, we shouldn't encourage the military to remove Trump from office. Go smoke some weed or drink yourself into a stupor! And to my brothers and sisters everywhere, be kind and help your neighbor!

  9. Thank you, Michael Moore. You are a visionary and know how to get down to the truth. Today is the the 22nd. and it is happening like you said on the 13th. The positive part is that we are finally getting closer to lock down. I'm very distressed, although, about how we will be able to keep our country from economic collapse if this closure lasts 2 years!

  10. I heard there will be no funerals that you die alone in quarantine that you have to watch your family member die alone through two plaited glass then the body is taken to be cremated.

  11. in china and italy kids don't move out of there parents houses until they get married, if then. in italy especially they are always up in each others grills hugging and kissing. americans aren't like that. thank fuking god.

  12. It seems the elites want to get rid of the baby boomers so they don’t find out that their pensions and 401-k were squandered by the speculators in Wall Street. This sounds so suspicious to me. Next thing you know they are going to send the national guard to forcefully remove your elderly parents and grandparents and say your good byes cause you’ll never see them again. BTW I haven’t seen any religious people come out to comfort the disciples.

  13. As this thing was starting to be known, we were attacking the Chinese for not responding quickly, while we were doing nothing. What a weird thing

  14. Only 25% of the population even qualifies for unemployment insurance. Maximum they are offering at the moment if you don't qualify is a one time cheque of $1,200 for middle and working class who pay income tax. If you don't you get $600. One cheque is all they offered so far.

  15. My latest crazy idea is that Trump has been conned into making himself the face of Covid-19. The con artist is Kellyanne Conway, but she's really fronting for her husband, whose hatred of Trump is NOT a con, but completely sincere and justified. In the form of a joke, "The (reputation) killer is in the (White) House!"

  16. Any idiots blaming this on Trump are just retarded. It is so bad for Trump and his slam dunk re-election against no brain Biden who the DNC colluded against Bernie. AGAIN.

    This was corrupt and greedy senators who got briefed. Told their donors.
    Then boom they all sell off all their stocks at the same time. This is horrible and every senator and CEO should be charged.

    I like Moore but he can be the opposite of Alex Jones. But equally crazy.
    Why not fix Flint. Their orange water. The fact Muslims overtook Dearborn.

    We need to rally behind Trump and the nation at this point. Biden is another China puppet like Obama.
    Trump is the only choice at the moment. No one was prepared!

  17. Michael nj has just short of 1000 cases that tripled in less than three days. I ve seen trump attack every group of Americans that get $$ from government . Social security medicaid medicare and veterans .Every name is on record through social security numbers. These are the high most high risk . Trump dragging his feet is causing more death in these groups & others. It’s all about gaining $$ for government not for the people. The attacks started in these same groups started in March 2016 with ( PROP guided) cdc anti opioid guidelines. Now the virus almost garentees the death & government gaining $$ that used to help these needy Americans No longer.

  18. I feel your frustration! It’s almost like he wants people to die.
    Listening to this a week later and after the press conference.
    Trump’s tone was much different; makes me wonder
    what changed?
    Did he finally wake up to reality or was he given an ultimatum?
    Keep up the good work and be safe and stay healthy. We need your voice!

  19. With 30M flu cases EVERY YEAR and some 50,000 deaths resulting, don't you think this is a SEVERE overreaction to a virus? I submit that this is being used to adjust a gig economy on the verge of collapse while taking down the Chinese economy. At the same time, it's allowing the government to throw trillions at the corporate sector to bail out their massive over borrowed, delinquent debt. And if you think a vaccine is going to save you, realize that the flu vaccine has only a 10% efficacy rate, hence the vast number of annual flu cases.

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