28 thoughts on “Ep. 99: One Full Wuhan Every Single Day in the USA (w/ Dr. Irwin Redlener) | Rumble w Michael Moore”
  1. It's easy to figure out how it got this bad: first no access, then refusal to wear masks and social distance. No social net for those who needed to stay home.

  2. I had to share to Twitter although I prefer not to give people even more bad news, and prefer to spread hope but we all need to hear it anyway. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I should be getting my hay and grain deliveries soon, I've stocked up on food and this serves as a warning that I should prepare everything else that's humanly possible. Especially if I want to have enough to continue checking on others in the community and have supplies on hand for those who need them. We try to have each other's backs around here regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. We are all neighbors and Americans or guest workers before all else. We are all contributing members of society including the migrant farm workers.

  3. I had to interrupt the podcast for a moment to go on Twitter and tell Donald Trump to get his gestapo out of our cities. This obviously makes me furious in spite of the fact that I live in a rural area.

  4. Biden has a long history of lying although not on the scale of Trump. He needs to stop as of now and promise to be truthful then stick to it. I'll take the advice of people I place more trust in although I'll give Biden a chance.

  5. If I'm not wearing a mask I'm entirely alone except for my horse who is the one providing companionship in my life. Even when my adult son visits weekly and I'd like nothing more than to hug him for what might be the last time we visit outside and socially distance. He recently purchased a travel trailer in order to be able to get away from home without eating out or renting a room.

  6. This would be the time if there were ever such a time for the federal government to step up and support people instead of propping up international multi-billion dollar corporations many of which are based outside the United States.

  7. I love you Mike, but it seems you have a disconnect when it comes to Biden and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Biden is in mental decline and the septuagenarians in the congress and Senate are impervious to Americans suffering. They blew out our one hope – Bernie. And now the results of this nightmare is on them.

  8. bernie dropped out too soon, period. if its' possible for him to get back into the race, he should do it. this not only shows that trump doesnt give a rats ass about americans, it shows we dont care about each other. if we all social distanced and wore masks/gloves, washed hands, we would have had it under control – but we didn't. we deserve what evers' coming our way.

  9. I think it must be a United front, maybe get Bush to speak with Joe or other senators. If Joe did this alone, people will twist it against him. I keep waiting for a speaker to motivate us all, but no one is stepping forward that i can tell. Why can't senators speak out on what to do??

    I like how you ask what can we do? Instead of just saying it is so sad. Hope

  10. USA has gone most inconvenient for the whole world; lethal menace to the future of Mankind and Women, too!! The "States" laughing stock of the world… Only the beginning!

  11. The US is wealthy enough to have a system of universal healthcare coverage because many countries who are decidedly not wealthy have it. We can't? unfettered capitalism sucks.

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