May 8, 2021


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Ep102 Dr Malcolm Kendrick: First Hand Experience – the Lowdown on Lockdown!

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43 thoughts on “Ep102 Dr Malcolm Kendrick: First Hand Experience – the Lowdown on Lockdown!

  1. It's depressing.
    In our town we just discovered an aged man walking around almost starved to death because of lockdown and nobody to care for him, how many more out there?

  2. In Australia, we have politicians that talk about covid being "unprecedented" you're damn right – locking half the world down for 12+ months is!
    For several months in Melbourne, I could not leave the country, leave the state, leave the city or leave a 5 km radius of home for more that 1 hour a day!
    I began to have homicidal rage against government officials.

  3. Unfortunately, the ongoing narrative here DownUnder is that it is due to the lockdowns that our big daddy government has saaaaved us .. and it's the compliance of the mentally apathetic majority that is fast-tracking us toward a dystopian future.

  4. It's Pure Natural Organic Unadulterated EVIL. And it is destroying Our World in front of all citizenries to watch. Awful! Here I am in Puerto Rico doing the "monkeys see monkeys do" that our government performs taking note from the craziest sociopaths in power today. Amazing! Thank Ivor.

    The World has really gone mad this time.

  5. I disagree with Dr Kendrick – it's not at hard for the government to change policy, look at masks for example. The months that they spent discouraging their use have been memory-holed. They are not too embarrassed to admit they were wrong, they're plainly following globalist technocracy agendas such as mass vaccination and economic reset

  6. The media are truth cowards.
    Their officers are full of pen pushers/keyboard tappers that just want get through their days and home to isolate themselves in their selfish worlds.

  7. Meanwhile, the majority of the mass media just publish heavy hitting , critical stories like 'Covid lockdown recipes that are yummy' 'The Covid 15 minute workout' 'Knit your way through lockdown'

  8. Thank you so much Ivor, for doing what you do, and to Malcom, for presenting the facts articulately and concisely, and with a degree of humour. It provides some reassurance. Keep firing your peashooters!

  9. There are logical people out there, please keep doing what you are doing – I need to hear this logic and sanity to prove to myself that I am not going insane (when all around me on a daily basis are making me feel that I AM the insane one for all the questions I have about what is being done to us all right now…) Keep up the great work Ivor and Malcolm. I truly believe that one day your words will be the accepted truth… I hope it is sooner rather than later.

  10. I remember months ago, Dr Zach Bush clarifying that the viral infection would run it's course naturally after 2 seasons and that's when they would roll out the 'vaccines' and then claim that it was the vaccines which ended the pandemic… They would then play the card that you need their jab every year to keep it away, even though it's run it's course naturally… Wouldn't be surprised if another 'new virus' appears to keep people scared…

    Always great to have the reality check from genuine scientists and doctors like yourselves.

    Keep the faith.

  11. This is a smoke screen, with some mirrors thrown in, for a far more sinister agenda, that involved deploying NanoTech into humans via vaccines and connecting this to AI and rolling into the 4th Industrial revolution created under the guise of the WEF. ??

  12. I try to post such links on any and every site I can comment on and email them to all my contacts. This has to be a way to try and influence people who have been blinkered.

  13. If this is because 'some would rather die than admit they were wrong,' it is staggering. There is an answer according to the Mike Yeadon, Dr Claire Craig note sent to all MPs last week, they could retest in a different way some of the false positives and get a check on their validity, they also could do less ?cycles to get a more realistic number of real positives. This if it was done it would cause people to think the government was doing a good job – checking on their testing programme, I would certainly not blame them but would be pleased we were checking properly. The route they are taking at present and the incredible suppression of the information given by the 'other ' side of the coin is just awful. what government can be retained when it goes on following this path to destruction of its own economy let alone our society. Makes the financial implications of the 'dreaded Brexit' that we still are being fed look like chicken feed. I personally am happy to keep safe using masks in businesses and cleaning hands regularly after being in businesses, as I am in the compromised group and hope anyway to keep the normal flu at bay but these business lockdowns for the younger and healthy generations make me explosively angry at our so called representatives. Shocking, and I hope the Dr Reiner Fuellmich brigade can make rapid headway on their legal actions.

  14. Is this the channel where all the crazies meet? These two are a macabre Laurel & Hardy. All world’s scientists are wrong but these two comedians are right. All of what they spout is total nonsense, but to the uneducated, with no analytical thinking capabilities, this gibberish appeals. The good doctor needs professional help!!!

  15. Stunning!! Leaves you with a pit in your stomach .What shocks me is not just how easily we have taken the bait (on every social level) and over a long period now, but that the deception is still being accepted with many people still not prepared to use there own judgment – are we all afraid or are we all just blindly happy to trust authority?
    The psychology of how we can have been kept believing such a crazy narrative despite the truth being in front of us needs to be looked at because that’s the worrying thing here.

  16. I'm going to start saying that now at work "if you support lockdowns, you are either evil or stupid". Thank you so much for your brave and intelligent discussion. Ivor, listening to you reassures me that I'm still sane.

  17. So admire Dr Malcolm Kendrick, have followed his books for years. He researches for himself and as for
    Ivor Cummings, what a light of hope in a dark world. He doesn't give up despite all the obstacles.

  18. Absolutely fantastic. Just listened to this with my 93 year old Dad, who believes life is worth more than lockdown. Shame we have to skulk around the perimeters of the media because we are not allowed a look in. Media, state, big business all acting together – very dangerous.

  19. You mentioned your new food plate guidelines. Research the pyramid in the USDA. The basis was the investments and control of American govt in grains. It had nothing to do with health.

  20. I honestly love what is mostly being said here, but I am very confused over the doctor's dissonance with govt. Let's see. Your politicians are easily bought so you want to blame capitalism? Just like you said you weren't the one causing harm, those wallowing down below should take responsibility. Asking for more govt, when govt is the problem and more than willing to be bought and sold, can't be blamed on the ones who have the money, knowing govt is always looking to make deals because politicians cannot function without your money. The problem goes back to the power, the law and politicians have that. I would rather be left alone to buy and sell what I would like, than to rely on politicians who are constantly building a larger police state and building mega corps to keep the agendas flowing. Give me freedom…not more govt to fix the govt, govt caused.

  21. Corporate and state has always been one.. LAW is needed to create a corporation. Govt has the taxation to pay for the science, the products, it's a dual effort. NEVER EVER portray govt as more evil because of corporate involvement, because we can find plenty of historical atrocities of govt before corporations. Watching over the last 50 years, govt BUILT this pharma and corp world for its benefit. You can blame lobbying all you want. Fact is, your politicians are willing to be bought. The military complex, is govt. Period.

  22. Capitalism caused a problem? That's funny. 30 years ago when America had far less govt involved health insurance, we could afford it and we weren't ripped off. I would like to hear his theories on that since we have massive govt control everywhere..that isn't capitalism. To see govt doing what they are doing everywhere, then claim capitalism pops in and causes issues..please discuss.

  23. Ok what next? We all know that these lockdowns are either evil or stupid or some of both. How do we stop this? Over 290 MP’s in Britain just voted for extending it in the UK.

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