April 19, 2021


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Ep105 Paul Saladino MD – The Meat Controversy and Ultimate Nutrition!

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45 thoughts on “Ep105 Paul Saladino MD – The Meat Controversy and Ultimate Nutrition!

  1. For all those people questioning what Dr. Saladino is saying—What about Fiber? Don’t you need vegetables? What about blue zones? Read his book, the carnivore code, and all will be answered.

  2. Something struck me when you mentioned the plane crash of the rugby team in the Andes, the film was called "Alive" I believe. I read the book by the survivor Nano Pareado. They agonised over it for so long. But it struck me that its a bit like organ donation or at least that's the way I looked at it to understand the situation they found themselves in.

  3. Eating meat leads to increased iron stores, but, our immune system REQUIRES the iron levels to be 'exceptionally low', or it can't effectively mount an immune response against the pathogen, be it viral, fungal, bacterial or parasitical.

    Meat has a form of iron, heme-iron, which is absorbed at a high rate, compared to iron from plants, PLUS, meat contains an, iron absorption enhancing factor, which allows other iron, such as iron fortified in our foods, to be upregulated in its absorption, too.

    "Heme iron is absorbed at a much greater rate in comparison to non-heme iron (37 percent vs. 5 percent)."

    "Meat protein fractions enhance nonheme iron absorption in humans."

    “The iron in food comes in two forms: Heme (as in hemoglobin), which is found in the flesh of animals, birds and their eggs, and fish; and non-heme, which is found in vegetables, fruits and grains. Heme iron is far and away the better source: Not only is it more easily absorbed, it can quadruple the absorption of non-heme iron when the two forms are eaten together.”

    So, a hotdog, hamburger, fishburger, chickenburger, combined with iron added to the bread, gives a meat eater a jolt of iron a vegetarian would never see, because the vegetarian can control their non-heme iron absorption, whereas the heme-iron, keeps on being absorbed, compromising our immune system.

    Alligators, mosquitos and humans, all attempt to remove iron from pathogens.

    "Iron withholding as an innate immune mechanism in the American alligator" "Mosquitoes respond to viral infection, by inducing expression of heavy chain ferritin, which sequesters available iron, reducing its availability to virus infected cells."

    "antibacterial and antifungal properties of blood and other tissue fluids cannot be maintained unless there are exceptionally low levels of available iron."

    Our immune system can stop it, with its lactoferrin, but only if the iron levels are low.

    “Low iron-saturated LF effectively combats bacteria and fungi, acting in a bacteriostatic and fungistatic way. The degree of iron saturation also influences antiviral activity of LF. ”

    Humans are herbivore-frugivore, cannot safely eat meat, because, it leads to increased iron stores, overwhelming the bodies ability to contain it and it causes all the oxidation / rust, which Linus failed to corner and capture .

    "Herbivore Hypothesis"

  4. In north Africa, organs are considered delicacies and are more expensive than muscle meat. It makes sense, there is only one heart, two kidneys, one brain…, which are a small part of the animal's weight.

  5. I've been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since July 2018, after finally learning that there was family history of ulcerative colitis in my family. For over 40 years, no doctor ever connected all my ulcerative colitis symptoms. Eastern medicine helped me focus more on nutrition and one practitioner just looked at me one day and said, "I think you might have Crohn's disease." My departure from The Standard American Diet and implementation of the SCD diet changed my life around. We have not brought organ meats into our diet yet, but we were already very aware of their great nutritional value. This discussion only confirms what I've already known and has offered even more science to further expand my understanding of it. Very appreciated. I also had not thought of organ meat supplements until it was mentioned here. I've purchased some bottles of the supplements from Xtend Life today and look forward to seeing how our bodies react to this new addition. We are primed and ready for this experiment. We have not deviated from our SCD diet since July 2018, and have been drinking some amazing 9.5 ph water from an Enagic machine for a few months now. Food and water is our medicine and we are so healthy now. Thanks for the video!!

  6. Whether meat is better than plant based is a subject that can be debated forever,what is important is that it is environmentally damaging and involves the torture and murder of billions of animals, it's a selfish way to live, maybe it's ok to eat your dead animals organs once a week but everyday, if everyone listened to you two would bring more suffering, I've only got through 1/3 of this and now unsubscribed,heard enough and it saddens me.

  7. Food: the closer it is to straight off the animal or out of the ground the better it is for you. The minute humans start mucking around with food the nutritional value starts to decrease.

  8. It won’t benefit any animals though…!!! And there’s generally two sides to an argument. There may be a reason why the “scientists and boffins” are directing people toward plant based. What the hells in it for those boffins to make up the research on the benefits of plant based?

  9. Colon cancer in Taiwan where I live is the number one cancer. It's beyond belief how much seed oil is used here. Taiwanese eat "lunch boxes" sometimes called bento in the West, which is the Japanese name, and the food is drenched in what they call salad oil, which is garbage seed oil. Taiwanese are convinced this oil is healthy despite the fact that colon cancer kills tens of thousands yearly. It's insane, some of the freshest food markets I've ever seen and I've been all over the world, and they destroy it by frying everything in the cheapest oil money can buy

  10. How you can look at the another SENTIENT BEINGS with feeling as food in the world full of healthy alternatives. Every person who eats animals should kill them themselves and every time look into their eyes. Maybe then their heart will awaken…

  11. Killing animals is not right especially now equivalent lab meat can be grown?
    If societies kill animals that means they are also insensitive
    to killings in wars n other killings?
    Most vegetarians are vegeterian mostly to avoid suffering n cruelty to animals? As you know to be killed is very frightening n painful?

  12. Very interesting and excellent video. I didn’t know about organ meats etc. You’ve opened my eyes.
    Ivor I’ve been doing Fasting since September – PLEASE can you or anyone here recommend anymore videos I can watch on Fasting for weight loss etc (I currently watch Dr Jason Fung, Sten Eckberg, Dr Berg) 👍🏻

  13. I believe that humans developed large brains because they ate meat so had to hunt large animals in teams, this accelerated when human learned to cook meat, a plant based diet may dumb people down, maybe the term 'sheep" will be applicable to the people who believe the WEF Climate Change Agenda treason. Agree re processed meat and any processed or low fat food, full of sugar and salt to create health problems on purpose!

  14. Super presentation ivor. The big question is meat that is not organic. I am thinking Costco chicken which we eat a lot of. Tasty and cheap. But is it safe?

  15. I'm a vegetarian for about ten years now. I'm not an expert on the relation cancer-red meat, and I'm absolutely not interested in it. I would not eat it whether or not there is a relationship.
    I guess everybody knows, that for thousands and thousands of years, people – a distinct minority probably – have fared well on a vegetarian menu; so there's one of an 'ancestral diet'. So am I. More than enough observational evidence.
    There are different reasons to choose a vegetarian diet, for instance the refusal to kill an animal in order to feed you facing reasonable alternatives (which is my principal motivation), environmental issues and animal wellfare, all, as far as I'm concerned, by themselves sufficient enough to quit or at least yout meat consumption. So there are definitely also moral issues here; science can contribute to a moral discussion, but never ever decide it. Meditate on it, I'd say.
    If you want to be fair about meat consumption, you have to acknowledge that there is no way we could feed the world population on a strict(er) meat menu. Whether or not (organ) meat is superfood.
    So, the shit I read below, like " It moves us away from health to disease, from wealth to poverty, from wellbeing to anxiety and depression, ultimately from good to evil or from God to satan" is completely out of order. To conclude to this nonsense, based on this talk is as unscientific as it can get.
    Diet/nutrition is crucial for our health, that's for sure. We definitely will benefit from research that orients in this direction. So, keep up the good work, and take care, especially for the animals you profit from!

  16. Wow. 648 comments and many of them off topic, nonsensical and / or downright mean. Ivor, I don’t know how you do it but please keep it up. I’ve followed you for a couple of years and rely on your candid reporting. Thank you.

  17. Also need to look at country of origin in the studies-"industrial" meat/dairy is NOT the same between countries. In some countries the "industry" means free range/grass fed/finished animals. In USA-forced grain/corn fed in feed lots (alters the animals GI tract making them very susceptible to disease including ecoli)

  18. Sorry Ivor, I love your work on the viral issue but the clear preponderance of the evidence supports a whole food plant based diet. Of course, no or minimal oils of any kind and fasting is near magic as you support.

  19. Thanks Ivor! I ordered 3 month supply of the organ supplement and can’t wait to try. I’ve been listening to Paul’s various interviews and really want to try incorporating organ meat in my diet. But he’s right it’s not easy to access in some US regions.
    Love your channel and I’m a supporter. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the film!!

  20. Paul Saladino is a psychologist. He has no background in nutrition, physiology or health. I was amused by his comment that meat makes up an ancestral diet. While humans are constitutional omnivores, the increase in meat consumption is fairly recent in terms of human evolution and even in terms of our societies. Meat consumption has essential been a status symbol for centuries, only becoming commonplace with the advent of industrial agriculture. So, I don’t think we can call heavy meat consumption ancestral, unless your ancestors only date to the mid 19th century.

  21. However the longest lived people are the 7th day Adventist’s, and Chinese mostly plant based. Look up Zeng Jie, Ellsworth Wareham, Jerry Stamler, T. Colin Stamler, Jack Lalamme, Donald Watson, to name a few. Also didn’t John Henry Kellogg live till 91? Not a bad innings for a high carb diet

  22. Ok ivor great back to nutrition .
    Lets put the covid 19 predictions on the back burner .

    Talk about nutrition.
    Vitamin d .
    Lets forget about Sweden.
    Herd immunity and all that nonsense.
    Keep it save why don't you .

  23. Thanks for this chat guys as I tried a few cookies during New Year party and now am suffering with muscle craps and sever pain in shoulders and chest areas (Muscle Pain), and the destroyed right shoulder is really trying to slow me down but wont let it. have to work through it i guess as we welcome the new year. Now I have to go and get me some liver to eat with the kidney i have in the fridge!

  24. Started on a low carb diet recently, based on watching your videos. Fell off the wagon over Christmas but now back on and noticing that the brain fuzziness I had been experiencing has gone.

  25. I'm on carnivore diet now for a while and I feel sooo good, but I have some concerns, my hair started thinning, my ferritin and liver enzymes are super high, AST ALT are like in 200, and ferritin up to 500 and I'm super skinny and lost my strength. I'm eating grass fed grass finished beef, I'm eating lots of collagen from beef bones, fat mostly from meat and from bone marrow (dont do well with rendered fat), couple times a week doing beef liver, and almost everyday beef kidneys. Sometimes I would have pasture raised chicken. Oh yeha I have lamb often I do best with lamb. two times a week I would have sockeye wild Alaskan salmon. I use Celtic sea salt. I think my carnivore diet is pretty good but still, I dont want my hair to thin anymore, and liver and ferritin worries me. Anyone else have similar experience and any advice?

  26. Regarding organ foods and taste. If cooking something like liver what is important is to first let it sit in milk for a few hours( rinse afterwards of course). That will make the liver flavor more mild. Also when it comes to recipes you really don't need to do anything fancy. Just spice it up a bit, make it hot, that combined with the milk method will dampen the acquired taste of liver.

    The way I prepare liver most of the time is to do the milk method, then black and white pepper, salt, paprika powder and some sambal oelek( an asian chili mixture). Then just fry it in a pan with butter. If I have the time I will also fry up some onions to go with it. Very simple recipe and taste good. The liver I mostly eat is just beef liver from the supermarket though I live in Sweden so perhaps the quality is a bit better here than in the US for example. For sure organ meats will be impacted a lot by the diet and age of the animal.

  27. We have a dish called a "Boil up" it's still common in many Maori families but thesedays people don't eat it as often. They worked out why all the sudden heart attacks happened to men aged 50-60. They didn't eat much sugar but many pies. When you eat that much fat the body doesn't know what to do with it. Renal failure and hypertension always go along with it.

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