September 25, 2021


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Ep106 – Follow up Arterial Health Q & A Session with Warren Matthews

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25 thoughts on “Ep106 – Follow up Arterial Health Q & A Session with Warren Matthews

  1. I use a SaunaSpaces' Near Inferred Sauna, using 250 watt candescent bulbs, with a total of 1000 watts.
    I feel great afterwords, and there are many health benefits, besides helping with heart disease.
    There is a 20+ Finnish year study that says: 60+% less SCD; 50% less CVD; 50+% less All Cause Mortality
    JAMA Intern Med. February 23, 2015. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2014.8187.

  2. Your daily reminder to sign the Government 'Do not roll out Covid19 passports' petition!
    Do a quick search online, youtube doesn't like me posting the link!
    So far 170k+ have signed. Let's smash those numbers!
    Also write to your local MP and tell them to oppose any idea of a vaccine passport (especially domestically)!
    This isn't to do with being 'Anti-vax'! This is about creating a bio-security surveillance state.

    We must publicly support every MP that opposes these lockdown and quashing of our most basic of rights and are
    against the vaccine passports! Everyone with a twitter account, target the Tory cabinet (Boris, Nadhim Zahawi,
    Michael Gove, Matt Hancock & Dominic Raab) and tell them under no uncertain terms to drop the idea of a 'covid
    certification status' app or there will be hell to pay! Copy in Sir Graham Brady & Mark Harper

  3. Sweden deaths have dropped far quicker than the UK and Israel.

    Sweden reported zero deaths yesterday without a lockdown, face coverings or closing schools.

    Sweden has vaccinated just 5.8% of the population and started late.

    The UK has vaccinated 26.3% of the population.

    Israel has vaccinated a HUGE 82.7% of the population.

    Sweden has done it again, and proved them all wrong. ?????

  4. I loved your work so much. I have been trying to research for an informative vid that really teaches everything in this YouTube vid. ?Your breakdown is like the vids from this insightful health enthusiast Dr Ethan. Dr Ethan's videos are for sure educational and he helped me on my diet!

    Go check out his YouTube out and give the Dr a like! ➡️ #LearnFromDrEthan

  5. I think this channel is suffering YouTube shadow banning because I’ve not seen any of your vids pop up in my feed for well over a month.

    Do you cross post on Rumble or lbry Ivor?

  6. My heart plaque as steadily grown for the last ten years. I have been down all the rabbit holes. For the last 2 Years I have followed a strict almost nil carb diet loosing 10 kg during that time. I have taken all the usual supplements (K2 MK7 / Fish oil 2000mg epa dha / aged garlic / Zink 30 mg / CO Q 10 / D3 / Magnesium 1,000mg / Vit C / ) for the last 4 or 5 years. I walk 5 KLM a day and do very well on my annual treadmill stress tests. I also take Plavix 75 ( even though my blood pressure is normal) and Vytorin 10 mg / 40 mg ( even though my cholesterol has never been high )
    The problem is in the last 2 years on the perfect diet taking hopefully logical supplements and drugs I have taken the plaque load from around 1250 to 1650.
    Rather than simply adding CX8 (and dropping d3 and mk7) I would appreciate any advise, (and or) information regarding a medical specialist in or near Queensland Australia who is willing and able to discuss supplements as well as main stream medicine, if indeed I need any.

  7. Dr. Rob Cywes (The Carb Addiction Doc) recently did a video regarding HgA1c and what are the pre-diabetic and diabetic levels or ranges. He indicates that the current levels do not adequately address the blood sugar levels that can be harmful and may give a false impression of vascular health.

  8. Hi Ivor. I am quite familiar with pulse wave analysis and used to use it a lot. I remember getting an 85 year old client down from a vascular age of an average 185 year old based on his CASP, down to an average 85 year old in 90 days. Along with fabulous improvements in his RAI and RAP. Life changing.

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