April 10, 2021


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Ep107: The Pharmacist Who Gave Up Drugs – and Fixed Blood Glucose Instead!

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29 thoughts on “Ep107: The Pharmacist Who Gave Up Drugs – and Fixed Blood Glucose Instead!

  1. Rural people did not die young. Many in my ancestry in the 1800s lived past 70. Things like TB & Brights disease child birth took some young adults. Dairy produce and potatoes would have been their staples.

  2. My lat FiL was pretty high up with Shell, "What do you do with all your waste products?", "Why do you think wthere is a household cleaner and body product industry?".

  3. Unfortunately I've been left with a problem called severe bowel acid malabsorption and my liver can't cope with fats i realised my consultant was doubling and tripling my medication( which was actually a medication that treated cholesterol)as he had no other solution to my problem I stopped taking it and am now looking for an alternative.

  4. What’s wrong with the health care professionals? Try to sell a completely new life style to patients. Most want a quick fix, a pill or two, that will allow them to continue to be fat and lazy. Maybe 25 % of patients would be receptive to the required changes for metabolic health. I’m quite certain that vigorously promoting a low carb, time restricted eating life style would result in complaints being registered with your professional licensing body., and I would not trust them to be receptive to the science supporting good metabolic health. I have been an OMAD / low carb believer for 20 years, and 50 years as a health care professional.

  5. I switched to eat only unprocessed low-fat plants – vegetables and fruits – a few years ago. My HgA1c is now steady at 4.6-4.7%, from 5.6-5.8% before. My blood pressure came down to 110 / 70 (at age 60). My weight also came down by over 15 kg and is now excellent, with no food restriction and just a little exercise.

  6. I am thankful for doctors like this who come forward and explain the process of how they figured out how misguided they had been. Unfortunately health care is being ruined by the incuriousness of practicing doctors. The system can't be saved until they wake up

  7. If only our healthcare professionals and politicians were this open, honest, relatable, and truthful, then we could have such a better society. Thank you both for a great conversation.

  8. I’m an Anesthesia practitioner and also have a PhD in physiology. I put myself on high dose statin’s when my cholesterol went up, as well as my LDL. I have finally, myself learned nutrition. I have been studying metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance for about seven months now. could not believe how wrong I was! It’s people like you Ivor, and other smart people that led me down this path. No offense, when I first heard you I was skeptical. I did my own research. That’s the part that people don’t understand. do your own research! Once I did that I could not believe how right you are. I was in shape before but not nearly as good a shape as I thought. Low carb has changed my life. Like the pharmacist said “once you see it you can’t un-see it.” problem is keeping my mouth shut when I’m working! because in my profession I put people to sleep and don’t have time for a lot of talking ha ha. The pharmacist was talking about how healthcare professionals don’t know this and Ivor you gave a very political answer ha ha. I just don’t think they care. Because, once you study this and research it it’s pretty obvious. The one thing I differ on is we should keep teaching people and keep learning and keep becoming better scientist and educating. I don’t like spending lots of money dictating how people live their life. That being said, I error on the side of freedom. We get the information out and then people could decide for themselves. We saw what happened during this virus when people were made to do stuff. If it’s healthy or unhealthy people should make their own choices. That being said, I will stay low carb for life. I feel amazing. I actually like it as well. I’m wearing a continuous glucose monitor and bio hacking. As a science geek I’m having a blast. at 50 I’m in the best shape of my life. Ivor you’re the man! I have learned a ton from you. You damn engineers are smart!

  9. This was really surprising and inspiring!.
    I don't eat meat, love spuds so that one would be really really hard for me to give up I'd just have to have less of them. i could buy a pasta substitute made from peas or lentils that i have seen. i don't eat a lot of bread due to the fact of only eating once a day. i drink a mixture of oat milk and cows milk, but never pops or juices. my downfall is chocolate, cake and crisps, but not huge amounts though.
    I got prescribed statins but haven't had any. the pharma and food are intertwined in many cases P & G have their fingers in many many things, as with everything follow the money!. They'd sell their own mother.
    Good stuff Ivor 👍🍏🍐🍌🍍🍒🍓🍅🥥🥑🥕🍄

  10. Not sure the errors are "mistakes", Ivor. The Rockefellers commissioned The Flexner Report in 1910 and used their money to install a medical paradigm dominated by material and germ/virus doctrines. I'm sure you know all this and that the competing Terrain Theory outlined the truth about how we become ill and what we need to do to stay healthy.
    Bechamp said, "treat the patient not the infection". If my doctor knew that the severe chest infections that have laid me low for the past many winters could be cured by my taking vitamin D supplements, I would have been liberated from dependency and Big Pharma would be significantly poorer than it is. I haven't had a wheeze all winter because I listened to YOU. Thanks, genuinely … although …

    I listened to Judy Mikovots say she takes 10,000iu per day so I copied her dose (since about September). I had a Vitamin D level test at the end of January and the reading came back as 171 !!! I've stopped taking the D for a while, noticing my vision has become noticeably cloudy … one possible downside of excess Vitamin D being the creation of cataracts. I was a bit impulsive there and heard some unfortunate advise, although Dr Berg recommends the same dose online.

  11. Thank you, as Solomon said, understanding is a fountain of life. Ivor, have you researched evidence dismissing germ theory? The covid "challenge" era, has been revealing, providing those with alternative views a chance to be heard. I related with your statement about all the experts being wrong and therefore unreachable. If the evidence against germ theory is correct then it explains much, regarding the uselessness of current protocols. Also Dr Arthur Firstenberg(the invisible rainbow) explains the reasons for diseases that were not a problem 120 years ago. His book and Dawn Lester-David Parker's book What really makes you ill?, seem to be revolutionary to me. I am just a simpleton in many ways, no advanced education, but if their historical evidence is accurate, it's a game changer. Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan also proponents. Curious on your opinion in these issues, thanks again for your zeal!

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