April 10, 2021


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Ep108: We Love Our Heart – Surviving a Massive Heart Attack, and Fixing the Issue!

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34 thoughts on “Ep108: We Love Our Heart – Surviving a Massive Heart Attack, and Fixing the Issue!

  1. I believe I'm suffering from angina prinzemetal, sudden heart spasms right when falling asleep, that started a few weeks after the gym closed and I had very little to fall back on. It's quite a challenge to find ways out of this without prescription medicine.

  2. CAC scan would be awesome but local Dr.S in my area will not do it because they are not allowed unless a Cardiologist prescribed it. Wait time for an appointment especially because of C is very long.

  3. hba1c is a bit confusing because 2 values are given in the results. Had a while ago 5.5% and 36.7mmol/mol. I guess you're talking about the per cent value. Is the second value important to know or that's just used to calculate the per cent?

  4. IVOR something weird is happening. I wanted to support you on patreon. I chose the £14.95 , pressed enter but my payment was blocked. tried paypal blocked again. then I got an email from patreon to suspend my account which I do not even have,, weird & very worrying.. can you help.

  5. That’s great info Ivor! Love all that you do to educate us! Only wish I could get through my Dad’s doctor, he’s 92 next week and still in the hospital with a blockage of 85% but can’t fix it because the artery is crooked and small, only managing with blood thinners and nitro patch! COVID preventing me from visiting because he’s in Nova Scotia (a quarantined
    province) that requires 2 week isolation before I can visit and it’s 3 days drive from Ontario where I am 🥺 so it’s an expensive and complicated task to see him! Going on 2 yrs since my last visit because of COVID 😭💔

  6. Pro cyclists eat a lot of carbs (60 to 70% of their daily calories) in the form of rice potatoes bread pasta fruits vegetables and simple sugars. The rest of their calories come from proteins (10-15%) like eggs chicken fish and some red meats with the remaining calories coming from fats (15-20%) There is a growing list of professional cyclists to have died of heart attacks in recent years.
    2017 study by the Mayo Clinic came to the conclusion that men who compete in an extreme amount of sports over a period of years have a tendency to develop premature calcification of the coronary arteries. The extremely athletic subjects studied were even more likely to develop coronary artery calcification than those who had engaged in no physical activity over the years. They had an 85 percent higher chance of developing coronary artery calcification than the general population.

  7. As an MI survivor, I went to Mark's website and to sign up had to agree to terms of business. There is NO info about this, no link. What business? To what would I be agreeing? Hmmm.

  8. Another great content from Dr. Ivor Cummins! Please make content on detoxing heavy metals from the body. I have high levels of mercury, mainly because of amalgam fillings. There could be millions out there misdiagnosed with other medical problems caused by heavy metal toxicity. Thank you!

  9. Diet is no doubt the cause and solution to cardiovascular disease. But it’s been clear for a long time now, a whole food plant based diet is proven to reverse heart disease.

    Check out studies by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. Demonizing plant based diets high in carbohydrates is not a conclusion that someone would make who “keeps digging until they find the truth.” This high fat craze may have some short term benefits, but I would be very skeptical of someone claiming you can be extremely healthy without centering your diet around whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables.

    Eating high amounts of animal products isn’t sustainable either, majority of plant foods are 3 to 15x less energy demanding to produce than animal products.

    Your Covid radar is astute, but your cardiovascular disease perspective is full of holes.

  10. Can someone please give me the heads up on when he talks about low carb high fat is he talking pure Keto or is it as it sounds?
    I gave Keto a good bash, for nearly a year and gave it up because my muscles ached and I wasn't getting the purported benefits. I did stick to it strictly.

  11. I had a heart attack when I was thirty six triple bypass same year, I thought I was fit went the gym twice a week ate well ,I had another heart attack last year age 61 each heart attack came after long periods of stress in my life .

  12. Statins deplete CoQ10 which weakens muscles…and heart is a muscle. Yeah you may have drugged your way to an "acceptable" lipid profile but you have now also heart failure…or broken hips from falling with weakness

  13. He's correct on the lack of nutrition education for the majority of MD's-here in USA as well. Am part of a group of registered Dietitians that have been advocating for real, local, sustainable food for years. Animals or plants that are grown in healthy soil or healthy diet ALSO influence the person who consumes them. Poor soil health will make poorly nutritive food. Have a neurologist who started looking into this connection and was shocked at how poorly nourished the food itself was-and then we process the hell out of it and try to add the "good stuff" back in-along with healthy doses of HFCS.

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