May 11, 2021


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Ep99: ER Doctor from Sweden Explains it all – the Science, Logic & Philosophy!

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32 thoughts on “Ep99: ER Doctor from Sweden Explains it all – the Science, Logic & Philosophy!

  1. Why does you call cv-19 a virus or disease … cv-19 first needed to be isolated and purified and that wasn't done … CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel – Performance – page 39 said " Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available " then RT-PCR Diagnostic test is not testing a isolated – purified cv-19 … you are testing a mixture of other disease without providing cv-19 exist … this is not a pandemic for your just testing a common flu … the numbers of cases infected are based on a common flu because cv-19 is acting as a common flu and fatality rate is based on you death with cv-19 even if it didn't kill you or from cv-19 … there is a political agenda behind this fake pandemic

  2. Why do most humans feel the need to justify their own thoughts by looking at or reading news on that topic that correlates or directly agrees with the their own thoughts? I always find it more interesting to look at the other "sides" opinions to see if theres something i might have missed, and then make up my mind. My first source of news might have been wrong, or right at the time.

  3. People are still being locked down, masks are still mandatory even outside, the world is just very well under the grip of those who have make these decisions. Who are they and what do they want? Exposing this, is the only way for things to change.

  4. The idea that we have created this is tragically true. In the past, when any number of diseases without cures or vaccines (measles, mumps, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, typhus, typhoid, smallpox, &c.) wandered through the world, never did we close down stores and schools on such a scale. At least during the Black Death the bodies were in front of us instead of reported on the news.

  5. Can anyone explain to me how a doctor can be 100% certain of a "COVID-19" diagnosis, and completely rule out any of the many, many other possible known diseases that share the same symptoms: e.g. cold, flu, heart disease, stroke? So-called "COVID-19" symptoms are virtually all common symptoms that are typically seen every year among people who show up to hospitals and emergency rooms.

  6. The Great Barrington Declaration does not go far enough. It calls for continued mandatory lockdowns of the elderly and other "targeted" groups. We need to completely end all government mandates and let people decide for themselves how to live their lives. Check this other petition. Google: "Docs 4 Open Debate"

  7. D lunatics have been running d asilum too long now,time to run them out.we don't want d new world order so we need to fight against it now before it's too late.i sure hope that group of great doctors who have got together to sue d governments succeed 👍🌹

  8. I am curious as to why Ivor Cummins spends so much time focused on Sweden and no time on any of the true worlds leaders in COVID response, like South Korea and Japan. Careful of the algorithms folks.

  9. the whole world has gone mad. People need to be held responsible for their actions. The actions that have destroyed jobs, economy, individual rights trampled on, people told to hide in an effing cave, etc.

  10. It's a multi stage racket. Put simply certain people are going to make a lot of money and the little people will pay for it in lives and taxes. The 2 stage is do as you are told and accept everything you are told no questions put your mask on. Stage 3 we know own the rights to you DNA sequence and put that tracking app on your phone. Stage 4 hate those that question anything. Use hive mind to control. Other stages will appear blame this one and that one lessons have been learned and The Government Has Saved Us but in a much more vomit worthy format like FACTS. We might have an enquiry but that will take 90 years and you can blame who you like then.

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