October 17, 2021


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Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence

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36 thoughts on “Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence

  1. "the Establishment want you DEAD". that earlier video title pretty much summarizes the intended result BEHIND their Great Reset plan , which is us gradually ending up too weak, powerless and depressed to refuse that Soylent Green "to go quietly "offer.
    They KNOW that if they suddenly forced us to the wall with nothing to lose, many of us would "poison pill" the resources they want left intact . They do not want any civil war which might ruin the planet for THEM.

  2. This channel is red pilling millions.

    The red pill isn't a partisan notion – it's a great awakening to the truth. The side of reason just so happens to not be on the contemporary left.

  3. What many people do not know is that his cellmate Tartaglione was a Westchester cop and had killed 4 men. But get this- he’s represented by the same attorney that represents Ghislane Maxwell. Either he helped eliminate Epstein or protected him. I believe he helped stage the death and Epstein is on Tel Aviv laughing at us.

  4. God bless you, Russell Brand! Thank you very much, that you are, and that you show the truth. My country Lithuania also has people like you who tell the truth and fight against the current injustice, coercion, and worldly genocide. Those people, who fights and tells the truth, are: Artūras Orlauskas, Raimondas Grinevičius, Gintaras Lunskis, Kazimieras Juraitis and other. And there is an organization – the Lithuanian Family Movement, which is trying to protect our Lithuanian people, their lives, from the dangerous Covid vaccines, which are pure poisons. Covid vaccines are: 30 percent are placebo to trick people, and 70 percent are poisons made up of needle protein, which is harmful to humans because it would be too much for the human organism. The human organism has everything it needs. Also, these poisons consist of Graphene Oxide. German scientists research is now available. According to those German scientists, it turns out that Graphene Oxide binds to structures in the human body and it forms into structures that become similar to microchips. Those structures begin to resonate with microwaves. Also, not only is there a problem with microchips, but also Graphene Oxide causes clots in the human head and the person dies. And also Lithuanian Family Movement tries to defend the Constitution, families, and other things. This organization- the Lithuanian Family Movement has signed an agreement (treaty) with Latvia and Estonia to lift all restrictions on Coivd, including a Covid passport, which is illegal. This treaty is fighting with worldly Covid deception. There is a video about this treaty, but in Lithuanian language:


    I would like the UK to join this treaty as well. And I studied Filmmaking in the UK and I’m going to work there soon. Therefore, the UK is important to me too, although I am Lithuanian.

    The Lithuanian Family Movement contact: info@seimusajudis.lt

    or you can write there: arturas.orlauskas@gmail.com

    You can ask them about the treaty in English.


    Ieva Kondrataviciute

  5. I spare if a gang of people commit a crime acomplusus can be rented under a reko charge could we not arest all these people surch all there stuff as if they where a gang ???

  6. Where is all the evidence they gathered about Epstein and all the people surrounding him? I imagine it’s buried in some government warehouse like the Ark of the Covenant in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie never to see the light of day. Powerful people will make sure.

  7. Watch this video..
    Ok so your a celeb and I'm just a normal person right .. ok Russell I'm a fan it's that sarcastic twist of yours .. if I go down your going down with me .. hit men really exist in prison it's a kinda unknown known you might say ?? Control of the hypernormalised done that bit
    Fancy a meditation . Your a star

  8. This unbiased reporting is the most refreshing thing on the internet, mainstream media from both ends of the political scale all have their own agendas and you will normally find a rich owner pushing this. Prince Andrew is having his collar felt and rightly so but what about all the others?

  9. Do you also make features that are not only about the U.S.? For example about the nation us around here and you are living in? / With the politcs rapidly shifting far right, pulling the rug from everything we agree here as values, Piti Patel is also called out as a Criminal – here around you, in the UK

  10. Why on Earth would Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? He was very wealthy and, at the time, receiving a lot of media attention. What did he have to be depressed about? It simply doesn't make sense.

    I think the bad guys called the jail guys and said "Kill that prisoner and we'll give you a lot of money – and if you don't we'll kill you and your families. Plus, don't tell anyone and also keep your new wealth secret."

    That's DEFINITELY what would happen in a movie. And I trust you'll agree that movies are cool. Case closed.

  11. Who are the real warmongering devil's advocates. Who are the real Terrorist. They say white supremacy doesn't exist anymore neither do white supremacists satanic domestic and foreign terriost

  12. Supposedly when a person turns their head to the side when replying to a question they are lying. Also if they look to the left. Didn't watch closely enough to see if BG did that

  13. They were able to get Robert Kelly on ($3xual) racketeering I don’t see how this is much different let alone not seen as a much more advanced version of this particular act.

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