May 8, 2021


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Eric Siu (Digital Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom, The Economic Red Pill Journey)

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24 thoughts on “Eric Siu (Digital Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom, The Economic Red Pill Journey)

  1. I like your content and you kill it with these videos. If you’re interested in monetizing social media we gotta chat! Got some big things coming out and you seem like the person that I should connect with. I subscribed to your youtube channel and I would love if you can show love back. I’ll be watching you more often!

  2. Failure is one of the stages to success, I believe every successful trader made a lot of looses when they started trading. I lost so much money when I started but I was lucky enough to link up with Mason Luke a professional trader who currently traders for me, he’s a great trader honestly and he only charges a 20% commission which is a reasonable bargain. So my advice to you is, get yourself a trader and study how he/she trade for you. Or better still connect with Mr Jason on Instagram @Jason_real.fx for assistance

  3. California sounds exactly like the start of Atlas Shrugged. The productive people are starting to leave. Maybe it snowballs and all that is left are a bunch if people singing cumbaya and feeding off the remains of what the productive people left behind until it's nothing but decaying aqueducts.

  4. I used to be a professional musician, now I’m a huge groupie of Maloney , George, mr and mrs rich dad , mum , mr mark moss , Rahl Paul , I’m not a fanboy of musicians anymore, you guys are my new mentors now 🤙

  5. Eric really got a problem focusing on George's questions and keeps disgressing or presenting his own trains of thoughts instead of evolving and elaborating on the things George is driving at.

  6. Remember the famed mathematician who solved a kingdoms hunger crises and as a reward he asked for nothing but a single grain of corn on the first chessfield, two on the next, four on the one after that until the entire board were finished?

  7. “Hide” your profits by reinvesting to avoid the tax laws. Geez, I wonder if all the giverment officials who voted for these taxes thought they had a windfall soon to come when they got enacted? All giverment does is chase away what they claim they are after.

  8. Can anyone explain to me about Bitcoin or crypto generally. If the Fed and other central banks are going to introduce their own digital currencies soon, how will these cryptos survive if they are outlawed. I just can't see that somehow the central banks with the aid of governments allow these cryptos to coexist and compete against the central banks?. I believe if they do most people will want to be independent of the Fed coin, anyone have any thoughts. That why I like PM's because even if they try to confiscate G& S most I believe will not hand them in.

  9. Financial security through diligent saving and investing should be ontop of everyone's priority ASAP. Then when the work burns you out, you can pursue other options at the time of your choosing. This is why Ive devoted myself into having a net worth $2million by 40. I Just turned 32 and neither of my parents invested when they were my age, so they both worked until they were super old. Learning from their mistakes, I started to pour into my future by investing in the stock market. Still moving forward, I know I will make it with discipline. Feel the pain of discipline early or feel the pain of regret later. I wish everyone well!

  10. All of this is leading up to the great tribulation that Jesus spoke of, and then climaxes to Jehovah's great day Armageddon (Matthew24:21 Revelation 16:14-16).Now is the time to reconcile yourselves to our father and creator Jehovah God Almighty (Psalm83:18 Exodus6:3  Revelation 4:11  John17:3).Jehovah (YHWH) God has promised everlasting life on a paradise earth (a new righteous society of people) for all who obey him and his son Jesus Christ (John17:3 Psalm37:9-11,29 Matthew5:5 Matthew 7:21).Give your allegiance to Jehovah's Kingdom (theocratic heavenly government) because very soon it's going to destroy Satan's system and all who support it! (Daniel 2:44   Revelation 16:14-16)

  11. George do you have a playlist of your must see videos? I would love to get a link to a video that explains the basics of the federal reserve and the monetary system. Do you think you can make a easily understandable 30 minute video summary of it?

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