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There’s only one reason people go to a Christian college: to find a spouse! Don’t graduate empty-handed! Follow these tips and snag yourself a godly mate today!

Find a spouse with these handy tips!

For men:

  1. Pray that God will guide the bouncy ball you’re about to chuck so it will hit your future bride: Aim true, Spirit!
  2. Accidentally throw her name into a rendition of ‘What A Beautiful Name’: She’ll be flattered when you put her above God and then touched when you repent.
  3. Put a box and stick trap out with an Amish romance novel as bait: Irresistible.
  4. Lift MacArthur Study Bibles to fill out those scrawny arms: And don’t skimp out on leg day! Do squats while extending a Scofield Reference Bible at arm’s length.
  5. Diligently work under the employ of her father for seven years and then accidentally marry her sister: It’ll be a great story for your grandkids.
  6. Learn 3 chords on the guitar: This will put you above the competition.
  7. Go to the quad and say, “I intend to get a stable job, work hard, and have at least 5 children and also I want chickens” conspicuously loud: Guaranteed to work, so you’d better be willing to follow through.

For women:

  1. Close your eyes and let the Lord guide your feet to the door of your new spouse: It’s just that easy!
  2. Loudly read Proverbs 31 in common areas and then say, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there!” when a cute guy walks by: He’ll be yours forever.
  3. Wear spikenard that smells of locusts and wild honey: It’s what wild men appreciate most.
  4. Sigh wistfully and say, “I wish a man could explain this to me!” while reading your Bible: Then, marry the most correct man — even if he’s ugly.
  5. Accidentally brush his hand as you both reach for the froyo machine handle in the cafeteria: He won’t be able to think about anything else, least of all froyo.
  6. Weep and cry out in prayer “Have mercy on me, a single!”: Then he’ll know!
  7. Do not heed the advice of talking serpents: They’re always wrong.

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