July 26, 2021


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47 thoughts on “Et tu, Fox News?

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  2. That woman that was interviewing Hillary looked like she was mentally retarded. And, before anyone jumps on me for using that terminology I HAVE A SON WITH MR/DD! So, I understand probably more than most how to choose using that terminology wisely but Im just stating what I see.

  3. I’m done with this wishy washy network, I’ve seen the decline for a few months now and I saw what was coming. Hope they don’t get to Tucker but if they do there is a whole bunch of other journalists that are willing to do the dirty work for us and show us the truth! OAN and Newsmax are up and coming!

  4. Donald Trump Jr. is 100% right!! What's wrong with waiting for every vote to be counted
    and all these allegations to be sorted out before calling the election. The electoral votes aren't
    official until December 14th. I guarantee if Trump was the projected winner Biden and
    the Dems would be doing the exact thing Trump is doing. Their hypocrisy no knows no

  5. Lol…all this pansy Democrat crying about 'evidence' and 'truth' and all that while they put the country through two years of 'Russia Collusion' bull** on absolutely ZERO evidence, knowing full well it was all started by a fabricated dossier bought and paid for by the Democrat National Committee. Unbelievable how LOW these degenerates have stooped. 100% hypocrites. I'll never accept the result of this election unless EVERY SINGLE INVALID BALLOT is ferreted out of the count and discarded. If only legit votes (like mine) remain, Trump wins big and they know it.

  6. Mr. Dice, I understande, the fight against that Estructure that is the Deep-Mainstream Media State would be hard, but… the law and the statistics are unquestionable… Any subvertion of this two things, is a flagrant idiocy.

  7. Biden you are done – c’mon MAN! Time to drop you off at a nursing home to provide adequate care for your dementia. If you like we will dress it up like the Oval for your comfort. We will provide you safety masks so you don’t catch a cold, made in Beijing.

  8. Wow it shut her up quick fast in a hurry actually faster than quick fast in a hurry Good Lord!!? It just boggles the mind what can you do I mean even a lay person can see that there's fraud there's no denying it there's no mistaking it why are we still questioning this

  9. No matter if we get a (trustable) vakzeene or not, we need to ask ourselves: Are we going to lock down like this every time a new illness comes along? That would be sheer madness, imo.

  10. 2:57 As soon as that guy started saying that….If I were in charge of that station I would've ordered that his mic and video feed be cut off….there should be no room on news stations for crazy ramblings.

  11. WTF does Cavuto's countenance have to do with Kayleigh MaEnany's statement. I'm sure his defense of those individuals involved in the fraud is greatly appreciated but exactly what is it that makes him eligible to decide the validity of her accusation. Biden is "NOT" the President Elect until declared so by the Electoral College.

  12. Fox is a Trojan horse – waited for this crucial moment to give credibility to the fake win. Will not watch anyone on Fox. Tucker and others will need to leave Fox before we follow them. We don’t want to give any credibility to a snake in the grass

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