42 thoughts on “ETHEREUM MASSIVELY OVERSOLD!!! $1000 in Q4 REALISTIC? ETH 2.0, Staking, Defi – Programmer explains”
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    ⏰TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell):
    Introduction- 0:00

    Webinar Reminder- 3:42

    Market Analysis- 4:13

    Altcoin Gems Livestream- 6:08

    Market Analysis Losers- 7:09

    What if BTC dumps and alts keep pumping?- 8:19

    Inflation is like ketchup- 10:39

    The Risk of 'Catastrophic' U.S. Bitcoin Ban 'Is Now Past'- 12:39

    PayPal Picks Paxos to Supply Crypto for New Service, Sources Say- 16:45

    Bitcoin needs to grow- 18:24

    ETH undervalued- 19:44

    DeFi Pulse- 26:08

    ETH Inflation to fall- 30:00

    Staking currently very lucrative- 32:25

    A Curvy DeFi Dollar- 35:28

    Altcoin Webinar Tomorrow- 43:03

    Q&A- 43:51

    Q1- What if people need to have some kind of off-ramp to turn crypto into fiat? 44:00

    Q2- How many dogecoin does a tesla cost? 46:03

  2. the reason our brain is focused on 2, is down to a very fundamental law at the core of our nature, and the nature of this reality. we live in a DUAL world, created by the Sun and Moon, which symbolises day and night, light and dark. the duality extends to everything around us, you gave some examples yourself like hot and cold, ying and yang, death and birth, long and short, good and bad, salt and pepper. you're welcome, I enjoy your videos.

  3. As a dexs user, i am finding ETH Shitcoin, scaling problem, high gas fee, and the worst – out of gas lose the fee. Will see ETH2 if it is the solution. Don't like it, but some projects on it.

  4. Total above-ground silver has a market cap that is quite a bit smaller than bitcoin has. (And, I suspect, silver will be a better investment than BTC over the next two years).

  5. i think ethereum gold / gold chip / gahndiji plays a major role in this eth valuation. Youtubers like Oracle Crypto Avenger are buying eth and put it on the contract like crazy with their "stimulus packages"

  6. Can you do a fusion review ? Is it a good investment ? Their receiving address start with 0x like etherum address. They keep saying their MainNet is launch but why their address is still start with 0x like ethereum address? I don’t get it. Why they can’t use their own block chain address if their MainNet is already Launched! Please explain and thanks in advance.

  7. Amid the overwhelming pandemic, investors will make over $100,000 on passive income investments, hence I choose to be positive and would appreciate any insights on good investments that can fetch me profit on a monthly basis.

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