April 20, 2021


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Ethereum Q&A: Transaction types, contract execution, and gas estimation

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17 thoughts on “Ethereum Q&A: Transaction types, contract execution, and gas estimation

  1. Obsessed with all of your Youtube content. Absolutely admire you for the lifestyle you live and how well versed and knowledgeable you are. Thank you for all of the work you are doing. Benefiting the Entire World perhaps for centuries to come.

  2. what about pending contracts, when do they get invalid, I tried and it took more than two weeks until failed. But two others are still stuck almost a month, freaking miners dont want my micro fee. Gas fee was between 5 and 20 cents (or much much higher), lower they dont seem to take. I am glad they want to get ASIC resistant like xmr, vertcoin etc.

  3. I would like to know how the crypto community would stop the government from shutting down crypto commerce by forcing businesses to always pay taxes in government money. Right now, businesses can convert any crypto they have back to fiat. But if they disallowed that legal conversion then business may stop taking crypto for payment..

  4. I’d like to support development as a test specialist. Could you share ideas, concerns, approaches on how to test blockchain (eg transactional as Bitcoin, or smart contract), nodes. The source code for nodes is quite…. challenging to say the least.

  5. @aantonop Have yourself tested for food allergies. Most likely wheat / gluten, Milk and / or Soy are likely culprits. I can tell you are reacting negatively to something by the dark circles under your eyes. Don't blame it on lack of sleep. Thank you for all that you do. Respect.

  6. Bitcoin is neither a currency (cause it cannot be used as such) nor digital gold cause it has no unique properties that other crypto don't have. It may go to a million but eventually it will fade away.
    Ethereum in it's current state is useless and when Ethereum 2.0 is ready it will be late and inferior to other DLTs that the industry will be building on.

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