February 25, 2021


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Ethereum WILL Make YOU a Millionaire in 2020 (Top Coin for Wealth)

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47 thoughts on “Ethereum WILL Make YOU a Millionaire in 2020 (Top Coin for Wealth)

  1. I can no longer keep track of all of the coins or tokens that will make me a millionaire. I guess if I invest $300,000 into any of these, I have a good chance. Now I just have to save up that $300,000…

  2. I would need exactly atm 112 ETH about $22,000 for ETH to make me a millionaire 'if' ETH reaches 9K! but here is the kicker… nobody has that amount of money!…
    So when you say; "Ethereum WILL Make YOU a Millionaire" Atleast be honest and change the title to "If you have 22K ETH WILL Make YOU a Millionaire" or "ETH WILL Make Some of You A Millionaire".
    It's not that hard! Just be honest and stop Click baiting

  3. I noticed your bias when you said, we don't know how high ethereum we'll go in the next bull market. You did not mention that we do not know how low etherium will go in the current bear market BTC is in and has been in since 2017.
    I enjoyed your content very much!

  4. No doubts about ETH being a powerhouse with all the Defi thats growing parabolic recently in the space. An example of Defi thats taking off is ethereumgold io . Its a fully decentralized contract built on eth and has been working flawlessly for the past 3 years. Its only now in the past 2 months starting to gain attention as the defi space is blowing up. The liquidity pool went from $200k to over $700k in the past 5 days.

  5. I expect Eth to be like digital silver, and outperform BTC, but how about that VSYS, even Buterin said Sunny King's work inspired him, and while ETH is still awaiting proof of Stake, VSYS is and has been SPOS, long term VSYS, digital copper, Dr. VSYS

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