April 11, 2021


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EU CALLS For Von Der Leyen's Resignation

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31 thoughts on “EU CALLS For Von Der Leyen's Resignation

  1. I'm really sorry to say that true to the EU style of "democracy" she not resigning at all, actually she bought a new super glue for her bum to her permanently attached to her throne! Disgusting isn't it?

  2. Over 60 deals done, freedom from the ECJ an independent nation and now all the infighting in the EU, we have only just started I would say it has been a rip roaring success already, no down side here, just waiting for the domino effect..

  3. Be careful what you wish for, they may replace her with someone who knows what they're doing. Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake said that little fat frog!!!!

  4. I saw a video of Michel Barnier saying "I will use the Irish border to our advantage"… The EU don't care about what's right or wrong, or about the citizens of the EU countries…. just how the leaders can get what THEY want for THEMSELVES.

  5. You’re left the Eu . Make it work .stop turning British people against their European neighbours. You shouldn’t be trying to drive wedges between nations.

  6. Thanks Andrew, André or Andre.
    We love your channel full of fake news !
    LOL. MDR. 😂 🤣🇪🇺
    Honni soit qui mal y pense = Honte à celui qui en pense du mal.
    Dieu et mon droit.
    Merci beaucoup !
    Please not also, that the National English hymn was composed by the French composer Jean Baptiste LULLY.

  7. Ok peeps this is the way this whole EU and scottish referendum thing is going to go down.
    Scots get their referendum and declare that their leaving the UK then go into big debt, negative 8 per cent of GDP I believe by the last report. Von de Layen then suddenly resigns and Nicola Sturgeon, top boss of the SNP, gets the chair bear position of the EU and totally sinks that as well, as she sings in German "alles im griff auf dem sinkenden schiff".

  8. Mate, I really struggle to understand who’s actually listens to your nonsense and believes it???!!! I mean, if there’s anyone clever enough to go back to your previous posts and compare them with what actually happened will get the picture. But then again they’d had to be a bit clever. You just read the British newspaper and think you’re fountain of knowledge, sad truth is, you’re not.

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