September 20, 2021


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EU SCANDAL As China Sponsor Merkel

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34 thoughts on “EU SCANDAL As China Sponsor Merkel

  1. I am going to get shot for this but I wished the government made more ties with China about 20 year back I wanted us to make then beter to follow hong kong ways they have British moral but a Chinese identity and culture which is good we are all entitled to identity no mater the form aslomg as it dosnt go against good morals and good values. The only thing the ccp itself needs is 100 % obliterated and never exist again and put Hong Kong as capital and government hq then china will be a very friendly nation I hope uk helps make china beter .russia is kind of a threat but they keep out of most things but China and EU commission needs to end got global stabilization

  2. Sponsors to different governments apart from your own country should be made highly illegal its intrusive and a dangerous thing especially being sponsored by a government most of the world is against

  3. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party offers respectability to a country that persecutes Christians and Muslims every day. It offers succour to a despotic country that brooks no descent and for whom democracy is a dirty word. Double hit Mutty!

  4. Isn’t this what the EU is all about if you balls it up then all the others have to capitulate and share the harm so refreshed to have a little distance between us now hoping our governments do the right thing and put a good bit more between us ☺️

  5. Angela knows exactly what she is doing.. Its all part of the deep state plan of the new world order… This has been in the making since the end of ww2. Think conspiracy nut… Yeah but your in it… lol

  6. Britain also gave the 5G contract to Huawei as well….it was tied into the Humber deal for building wind turbines…?…it’s not good..?…. Huawei is the Chinese military radar merged with telecommunications towers..for total intelligence surveillance on its population…the 5G potentially allows for face recognition..microwave X-ray scanning of a persons biological data…(subject to obtaining DNA samples)…total track and trace…..radar/telecommunications/MRI mm wavelength frequency in health care…….does anyone know a good arms dealer…?…talking has about failed…

  7. Is the penny beginning to drop folks ? ? New Zealand,,,Canada Germany ,the illegal US administration,,and obviously UK as well are all financially in bed with the CCP,,,their classic methods are blackmail ,,who knows how complicit some of our own are ?

  8. These elites like Merkel and Biden have been bought by the Chinese. We must reject all politicians currently serving their own interests. The day of reckoning is near.

  9. Thank you so much Mr Tousi . I totally appreciate all the information you give us . So glad we are out of the EU now , but I feel sorry for the smaller countries left behind . And I think the way they held back from Italy when it was begging for help at the on rush of COVID there was disgusting.

  10. The BBC have named a bloke From Chatham Hill for the fake bomb; if this is the Chatham Hill in the Medway Towns, I wouldn't be surprised. Either way, it'll be an anti Brexit initiative.

  11. China now has spies in every country in the world. They have released a mild virus weapon across the world prior to taking control of the seas and are set to take back Taiwan. When any countries like the USA try to intervene they will let the real biological weapons out via their international strategically placed individuals and paralyse every super power in the world.

  12. well, actually, there's not much to choose between China and the US right now…..Biden's gone woke and has signed so many exec orders that have cancelled American jobs and opened the borders to illegals. Congress is surrounded by a huge fence and 7,000 National Guard Troops, many ppl on the right are being cancelled, fired and deplatformed (kicked off social media) and the Dems are talking of committees to punish Trump supporters and staff. In the meantime ppl who have lost jobs due to covid are out in the cold….NO financial help from the govt at all. Pelosi held up the covid relief bill for almost 8 mos to help Biden's election….and happily admitted to doing so after the election….Biden promised immediate action on covid…now the bill will be passed in MARCH at the earliest. Meanwhile in some states there are 12 hr long food bank lines, and ppl are losing their homes…

  13. Utter hypocracy. The EU demanded a level playing field – regulatory alignment on workers rights, environmental protection and State Aid when it came to negotiating our deal with the EU and now they team up with China whose worker's rights are not very good, their concern about the environment could do with some improvement and they chuck a few quid to companies now and then. It seems that China didn't have to sign up to regulatory alignment then.

  14. Merkel has always been a traitor against the German people from her Stasi days up to her betrayal of Europe to globalism. She is an evil traitor nothing more.

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