October 23, 2021


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Euros racism does not represent "mainstream England"

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34 thoughts on “Euros racism does not represent "mainstream England"

  1. I’m pleased that the England players have recognised how subject they are to class structures and that they need to seize the means of production from the exploitative bourgeoisie. Power to the players !

  2. Mike… why do you want to shut down racist people? Silencing them doesn't make them less racist.
    UK is pathetic, you people are ready to give away your freedom's, and appoint more authority over yourselves. You guys suck. I am sorry but its the truth, Mike is speaking like a true progressive liberal.

    Mike ask the question…. what is it about? Why are they like this? People have called him to explain their grievances about race and he ask them what kind of drugs are they on and he hangs up on them.

    The fact that Mike is still on air shows me how pathetic UK is.

  3. Every time… "Introduction of new laws"… How about trying to enforce the ones we have first. Every new law dilutes the attention we can direct towards existing ones. Laws against murder and rape being examples of existing ones you'll dilute attention to.

  4. Mike made a bizarre comment the other day about freezing bank accounts and seizing passports of the racists. Now I agree these racist idiots on Twitter need to be prosecuted by the law. But let us not go full CCP on British citizens please.

  5. you are in dire need of some fitness, diet, and common sense.
    punditry does not agree with you, and seeing as you're lacking
    in talent for it, perhaps it's time to relent to reality.

  6. Mike, return your passport freez your account and go abroad. We do not need sad lazy journalist like you here. Majority of this racist comments on social media was from non UK accounts, supprice. Do your journalist job and stop spilling hate.

  7. I loudly and proudly boo at BLM inc. Take a knee at some soccer match, i boo loudly at you. I might even throw some tomatos at you if i can.

    That's not racist towards blacks. That's being critical towards a corrupt organization. Also, most of those racist comments came from countries like India and UAE.

  8. Policeman on T.V. in charge of on-line stuff said the vast bulk of this abuse comes from foreign accounts, mainly Singapore, UAE and the Middle East. Now last nights BBC Newsnight said an investigation by their expert said only 5 accounts that abused these players was from UK accounts. 5

  9. The comments here interest me. There’s a desire to dismiss racism as being exhibited by ‘a fringe’ segment of society or ‘just a minority of society’.

    Let’s be clear, such an attitude is tantamount to sweeping it under the rug. We are as strong as our weakest members of society so let’s be aware of the fact that our country has a problem with racism and work on tackling it.

  10. A lot of the racist attacks came from abroad. I put a message on the England team Facebook before the game and was inundated with replies from men abroad not the UK. It was creepy and surprising.
    We don’t want those lads to feel bad about the penalties, the greatest lesson Gareth taught the British public is to understand how it feels to be a player this happens to. We actually care that they are ok now and the papers would cause outrage if they don’t support them through it.

  11. Boooooo the knee, Booo pathetic men for whining about mean words on the internet, Booo the media stoking more racial narratives so you can cynically further crush free speech, Booo & F the immoral authoritarian who wants to jail people for words! Boooooo it all

  12. Lol grown men whining about mean words on the internet is truly pathetic! Using these Patric men to push an authoritarian crack down on free speech is morally reprehensible!

  13. 5:38 Mike if you’re willing to criticise Southgate, why are the players off limits? He made strategy mistakes & the players failed to score their goals, these were both no doubt unintentional errors but I fail to see any differentiation between the two other than fear of being called racist for saying they made a mistake.

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