April 20, 2021


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44 thoughts on “Ex BBC Presenters discuss the Covid Crisis – Anna Brees and Sue Cook preview – 6th Oct 2020

  1. Cov-ID 19 is a planned operation to get us all in a state they who believe run this world want. Its a push for more and more parasitic bloodsucking from the dreamsleep sheep, and it must be seen through by us to say no to this huge takeover, and the notorious UK has a leading role this downward spiral https://www.activistpost.com/2020/10/it-begins-covid-passport-trials-on-united-airlines-in-uk.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=b60a46faf9-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-b60a46faf9-388384856

  2. I was an avid today programme listener for over 30 years..something has gone badly wrong at the BBC..big things are happening here and in the US and zero reporting here ?

  3. You should interview Ryan Christian from The Last American Vagabond in addition to The Lawyers Committe for 911 Inquiry, namely Barbara Honegger and David Meiswinkle. The Lawyers are petitioning US Congress to investigate Anthrax Attacks of 2001 which they suggest may be connected to the same Deep State players behind Covid. How's that for journalism? Blessings.

  4. As far as the issue we are in today, is this not a good representation of every major choice we have in our countries? It seems no matter the issue there seems to be no fundamental truth to help people make decisions, it seems to be a war of information to keep any direction muddied. Keep the people confused and angry seems to be the agenda, I think that conversation is more important than this lockdown because if we solved that bigger issue we wouldn’t be having this issue. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Are there journalists or are there actors? There’s lots of prompter reading that happens on the news so just curious about the actual situation about who does give us the news? This is not a troll conversation I’m genuinely interested. Thanks

  6. Hey Anna y do u not report on Jill Dando murder and how she tried to expose pedophilia at the BBC and was shut down and shot for it or are u complicit with the cover up

  7. I’ve only ever watched a little television but I had listened to the BBC Radio since I was born basically bcs my parents listened …I had to ditch it during the Election Campaign…I heard someone say they were voting for Johnson
    “Well bcs he’s just a jolly daft lad isn’t he” disgusted and appalled
    This was the Jeremy Vine Show…felt like the Djs were merely stifled presenters for the past 6/7 years and as for good music…all I had heard for 6 years was rubbish wether old or new.
    I’m annoyed bcs my husband pays a licence fee bcs he watches… very occasionally…we also enjoyed the family shows they once made. Not worth paying now if I can’t listen to music
    Shame what these Tories have taken full control of our BBC…for the past 6 years no doubt.

  8. You still seem to be holding a torch for the BBC. You can't quite break away from mainstream can you. The tension in your voice is palpable. I'm not sure what side you are on in all this. I smell a rat.

  9. So all of you was working when savill and the likes was being protected by bbc ,looks like you did ok of the beebs money,oh I mean our money,get a cleaning job ,pays crap but it’s honest work 🤬😌

  10. How can ANYONE give a thumbs down to this or any other of your videos Anna? You are someone who has such a grasp on the situation, is clearly passionate about what you do and is concerned for the freedom, the liberty and the welfare of the people in this country. How can anyone be in any way aggrieved about that???? You definitely have my THUMBS UP a million times.
    Thank you.

  11. Another agenda of the WEF/WHO/UN Global Governance being rolled out under the smokescreen of the COVID-19' GLOBALIST PLANDEMIC….

    Research done back in 2017 by Deagel.com ( military contractor and supply chain research amongst other things ) was population forecasts for 2025 …..the UK population by 2025 was estimated to DROP to ONLY 15 million ( therefore they expect 50+ million to die between now an 2025 ) the other western countries fair no better …here's the link http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx?pag=1&sort=Population&ord=DESC

    WEF/WHO/UN Bill Gates and the Globalist agenda for UN Agenda21 & UN Agenda2030 is POPULATION CONTROL and POPULATION REDUCTION WAKEY WAKEY !

    The term "Reduce the Carbon Footprint" was ALWAYS code for "REDUCE HUMAN POPULATION" ( they use the term Carbon due to the fact every human cell contains C60 ( Carbon C60) WAKEY WAKEY

  12. Briton has been under attack (hidden enemy) for many years now, from many sides. Critical thinking needed as they slowly expose them self's to the public

  13. I wonder now if both the medical and journalism fields are both being run under the same agenda, an agenda of fear and control, we have seen that doctors can be sacked for speaking out of the main properganda, i wonder if Journalists are the same, I was reading about Alex Vlchek an amazing journalist, couragious and talented who dared to speak out.

  14. Calling ALL journalists and reporters YOU KNOW what is going out, call this evil duplicitous mendacious Boris Govt traitorous Boris Govt to account. Our the blame for the destruction of UK Plc where it belongs, straight at the door of No.10! No more nicey nicey do-gooder PC compliant piffle. Demand Govt return UK back to OLD NORMAL to our FREE and OPEN democratic independent FREE market economy society where we British citizens are allowed to live our lives unhindered and unfettered by the dead hand of a brutal ruthless suffocating Marxists Socialist Communist Atheistic descent into OUR OWN ENSLAVEMENT! UK Govt is noonger a Democracy but a full blown Police State & Dictatorship courtesy of one Globalist Covid Control Freak Boris masquerading as PM of UK! He should be removed from office, indicted and face charges of treason and crimes against humanity against the British people and held accountable for his Govt actions. His Govt as it is now, is untenable and illegitimate. Lawyers QCs where are you, we need you, we are drowning, we have no PEOPLE'S VOICE! And for PM to call on Army to enforce Covid Rules ultimate insult & affrontery! Boris gone out of control extreme and rogue! Grrrrr!

  15. The "agenda" is minority mis-rule for the planet. Can we say which minority? No because they have established a cult of 'minorities' in Social Justice, the rules of the Zionist Empire (oops said it).

  16. What a load of bollocks. BBC reports the news – end of. Other mainstream channel news programmes which also report the news but with more diverse views are available. Ive seen umpteen interviews with people/scientists who are against or challenge the Gov policies of local lockdowns over the last few weeks. Other views are being heard. No one is is being censored other than those crackpots who pervade these YT channels with ridiculous claims about satanic cabals, new world orders, killer vaccines, etc. Finally, there is multiple times more fear mongering found on this channel than in the regulated media.

  17. Dont let the rona smoke screen your face… We are soon remember ww1 and two, where multi millions of people died, fighting for freedom. They were frightened and brave… We need to be brave enough to protect our freedom and children from their fear mongering…we are all born live die, that is fact. What will this generations legacy be?? I would rather be remembered as I died brave than a coward like our leaders.

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