June 14, 2021


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Ex press chief: the media was *not* racist towards Meghan

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23 thoughts on “Ex press chief: the media was *not* racist towards Meghan

  1. Well, truthfully, hard to feel much sympathy for Mr Murray. He showed no backbone when he needed to and doesn't seem to be especially perceptive about the problem that got him to quit before he got fired. What is the meaning of 'racist' now anyway? If he'd said the British Press was too white, he'd have been lauded as a truth-teller – and I infer from what he said here that he might be comfortable with that statement. The 'Press' tends to reflect the ideology and concerns of the ruling class – and that they don't like Meghan is clear. They did seem to like her when she seemed to be an infusion of 'fresh blood' into a morbid aristocracy, or at least that is how I remember it. Was that racist? Good interview, but a deeper dive into what racism is would have been better.

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  3. He laughed at the word defeated but its true, the twitter mob made him resign and capitulate, which is precisely why they do it. He handled that other interview very poorly too.

  4. Waity Katie, the Duchess of pork (Fergie) and the Rottweiler (Camilla) are all rude.
    What Meghan went through was completely different because they were racist, rude and racist are two different things entirely.
    It all worked out for the better. H&M have THEIR OWN money in the bank, a beautiful ocean view estate in up-scale Montecito, CA.
    Two dogs, ten rescue chickens, and about to be a family of four.
    Harry said himself, he didn't think all of those things would happen for him.
    H&M are entirely yoked together. You can't have one and not have the other.
    Marriage goals. 🥰💖🥰🙌🥰🙌

  5. Those journalists who said that there is racism in the UK press are racists themselves. They hate all white people, or anyone who disagrees with them. if black people disagree with their woke theories, they call them derogatory names. This movement is not about respect and inclusion, this is a power grab. People should wake up and fight back.

  6. I am no fan of Meghan, anyone with eyes can see what she is. And I don't think the British press was particularly racist either. But the media has proven itself time and time again to be completely driven by clicks, views and profits. Journalistic integrity isn't on that list – they get all their 'news' from Twitter, Facebook or just make it up thanks to 'unnamed sources'. Sorry but the media needs to sort itself out, or die.

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