April 20, 2021


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Ex-Sniper with 33 Confirmed Kills Reveals The Dark Side Of Being A Sniper

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22 thoughts on “Ex-Sniper with 33 Confirmed Kills Reveals The Dark Side Of Being A Sniper

  1. 35:15 The Canadian sniper that holds the current world record, is/was serving with JTF2 at the time the shot was made. Canadian Forces policy is not to disclose the identity of JTF2 members or snipers in the regular army.

  2. I joke that the infantry is the real Army, the rest is support. Lol. Fact is, I appreciate anyone who signed the contract, no matter what branch. 3rd ID, C1/15, 11M Ft Benning GA. Home of the infantry baby!!! 2000-03.
    Edit: the man he refers to in the beginning, his idol, is legend (Carlos Hancock). One man, I wanna say over 3-5 days, literally inched his way to a compound and killed one man. And no, he didnt fucking quick scope him!!! I read about him in a few different books. One book had the story of the marine from Dead Presidents, also a true story. Smh.

  3. … it's putting the reticle where you put it on the range, and knowing if you don't screw up, the round will do what it did on the range.

    Which seemed improbable on the range too, no matter how often it worked.

  4. This guy is a intelligent normal person. I sometimes hear these people on tik tok say "I joined the army to kill people"(mainly people in 11B) they say it with a smile on their faces. This guy is humane and humble I respect it. For those that wish to harm people may it be done onto them.

  5. I served hard type military life. my kids were 14 and 16 before they even knew. I am dumb enough to question one who brags of this. I got zero joy from it. Those people ask me daily why I did that to them. I ask me daily why I had to do this. Donald Trump zero wars

  6. Oh the dark side of being a sniper. That's a tough one I I should probably listen to the whole f**** thing. You f**** murder people from a distance that's what you do. There is no light side to killing people. I don't care what you f**** neocons think

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