July 27, 2021


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EXACT Ethereum Price Target REVEALED (Best Way to Trade ETH)

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32 thoughts on “EXACT Ethereum Price Target REVEALED (Best Way to Trade ETH)

  1. You guys can hate me for this but I’m honestly kind of getting sick of this channel, I’m really tired of watching these Livestreams with obviously unqualified people talking about crypto that bit probably just dragged off of the streets and put in an office chair

  2. I staked an eth probably 2.5 months ago… it says I own 52 Compound Eth… is this the same thing? I understand compound is different the regular eth, but does it become un-compounded upon when it becomes free?

  3. I had the bitcoinsamurai iron plan running and then out of impatience did the bronze plan. I withdrew the capital from both plans on the same day and got the payments at almost the same time, few seconds apart. That's a thumbs up from me but I'm also wondering if you guys can increase the deposit limit on the bronze package?
    I have several iron plans running because I can't afford the silver package at the moment.

  4. It’s amazing how much we talk and show charts I can do the same lol it could go up and it could go down and now looking at this video I realize it went down and hard and still going down the real help would be hey it’s falling hard so watch it but again this is after the fact

  5. @BitBoy, there’s a YouTube influencer with over a million followers who’s going around telling everyone that ETH 2.0 specs are too basic and ridiculous. You are YouTube’s #1 Crypto demystifier, so if there’s any one that can prove this YouTuber wrong, it’s you! This would make for an excellent video post on your channel. Key points to rebut are:

    – eth nodes on regular folks’ cell phones
    – vitalik’s admission of PoS not being able to secure/validate the network
    – quadratic sharding


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