March 5, 2021


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Exclusive Interview: Lauri Love on Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearings – Part 1

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28 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Lauri Love on Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearings – Part 1

  1. usa broke

    country is not only broken , but this incredible country is broke… Broke and in debt… debt? Trillions… How many trillions? hardly matters…

    1 debt clock says 26 trillion… The other one says 45 TRILLION…

    why the heck are we in $1 of debt? Doesn't the government print its own money? Surely the FED is part of government right? heck no… The Federal Reserve Bank Corporation is the biggest liar in the world… Also the biggest counterfeitter in the world… Also the biggest briber in the world… Also the biggest blackmailer in the world…

    who is the Fed?  the 'fed' is part of the Central Bank Dynasty… The CBD owns and runs all central banks around the world…

    what does this mean? it means that Rockefeller and Rothschild own and operate the CBD which is to say the Central Bank Dynasty and therefore have their hands on all money creation… 

    All money creation makes them the richest cartel there is… It also makes them the most powerful organization in the world… More powerful than any number of nuclear weapons…

    zzzzzzzz 99% of you are too stupid to understand the foregoing paragraphs… Therefore let me sum it up like this

    die falscher LENDS

    government spends

    makes i r s extract

    to pay the loanshark back

  2. Thank you Lauri Love for explaining what's going on so clearly. Why don't we know about you more and hear your voice of clarity more often ? Thank you Taylor for this greatly important interview. Much respect to you both, the world will eventually have no other choice but to listen to this because people like you and many others will not let it go. You are true brave warriors for human justice and peace.

  3. Corrupt lawyer infiltrated in Geneva with the mission to cover-up crimes committed by Romania and Sweden in complicity with him – NAME : MANUELA ROMAN EU Lawyer – corrupt states lawyer involved in cover-up torture and destruction of torture victims !!!!


  4. The sad truth is, that the UK government didn't have problems with the technology. They got exactly what they wanted: As few observers as possible, testimonies, who couldn't be understood, a torture victim, who couldn't testify at all. Even in 2013 the GCHQ could store a full take of all internet traffic for 30 days with its Tempora program. Do you really think the UK government cannot provide, what we all manage to do on a daily basis – namely video telephony?

  5. I don't understand the (dis) connection between Wikipedia and Wikileaks. I understand that Wikipedia is full of lies and propaganda, and what Wikileaks does, but how are they connected just by virtue of their names?

  6. The District Judge in the case against Assange is Emma Arbuthnot (Senior District Judge, 181 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5BR). Presiding judge Baraitser is her tool in this. Arbuthnot's partner is a major arms dealer and a mouthpiece for the lawless state of Israel. Arbuthnot should for those reasons have recused herself.

  7. why are the general public ok with this? why are the general public just sitting back allowing this Political Joke to happen before their very eyes? It is because the bullies are in control and they like to bully. Imagine if the bullies actually fought crime, if they actually cared, the world would literally be better over night. In the US, the judicial system makes money from people in prison, it is a shameful system.

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