May 8, 2021


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EXCLUSIVE: Mom of trans teen wins temporary injunction to stop double mastectomy

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29 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Mom of trans teen wins temporary injunction to stop double mastectomy

  1. Removing any healthy body part or adding dangerous "gender reassignment" hormones or hormone blockers should be banned absolutely for any minor regardless of whether or not their parents approve. Children are children, they need to be protected until they are adults, once they're adults they can make huge life altering decisions.

  2. It’s unbelievable what is going on in this world!! Now they damage our kids to the point of making them believe they are not a boy or a girl so they can make money off transgender surgeries!!! And hormones It’s disgraceful!! Schools have no business teaching this to our kids!

    Some kids may be real trans but many might be very very confuse and pear pressure!!!

    Time for a revolution!

  3. Congratulations on sharing this!
    The questions and the respect for the the interviewees' position and time of speech as well as the topic discussed per se show the great quality of your work.
    Thank you!

  4. Sex for an undeveloped and unready mind is scary which automatically makes them want to identify as the opposite sex. Stop the hypersexualization of little kids, kids are not suppose to be focusing on sex. This fad of butchering children will have long lasting negative reprocussions.

  5. We removed the sick and twisted SOGIS program from our school once I showed the parents who developed it, who installed it, and how many of those individuals were charged with child exploitation, child trafficking, and child pornography. 100% of the parents voted to remove it from our local elementary school.

  6. Cancer surgery? No, don't even think about it during this covid casedemic. Cut off chunks of a teen in the name of trans ideology? Sure, hurry up. As completely full of sense as the last 9 months of implementation of agenda 21. Oops 9 months of covid19 I meant.

  7. This is horrible what they are teaching kids. The liberal way is not correct. We need a change in leadership. What do you call it when the conspiracies are coming true?

  8. Any child shouldn't be able to supersede their parents wishes as far as mutilation goes! Sex changes, hormone treatments, tattoos, piercings, and etc. The government needs to pay heed to a statement we used to know and most people too for that fact, mind your own business. Correction, mind your own fuckin buisness! The government and the lgbtq2+×1xvortl needs to be reigned in! I've been to asia and the gays are left alone. So why do these special interest groups think they need to be specialized? If they want to march, go where they have no rights like they preach…. Saudi Arabia, then they'll realize they have rights here and acting a fool in front of children here is quite unnecessary!

  9. We live in BC. We lost our son to the trans ideology. After a single visit to a trans clinic he was prescribed toxic hormones and soon ushered into surgery. Instead of looking at the psychological reasons for his sudden desire to become female he was put on the trans train for life. He has abandoned his family who loves him very much.

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