April 20, 2021


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EXCLUSIVE POLL: Biden leads Trump 3 points nationally

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37 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE POLL: Biden leads Trump 3 points nationally

  1. Liberals: Fights "SyStEm-Ic WaYcIsM"!!!
    Also Liberals: Votes for someone thats been a part of that very same SYSYTEM for over 40 years…
    Hypocritical Leftist Logic at its finest.

  2. No there are no true polls saying babbling biden is ahead. Are all you folks that stupid? These so called polls are from libtard cities or gay bars. Give me a stinking break,lol,lol,lol,lol

  3. Slippage Biden hasn't given the right amount to any black owned media companies. Just like Clinton last time out until it was so late in her campaign it had no affect. Joe needs the black vote but doesn't want to help black people.

  4. Biden leads Trump by 8.5 points nationally as of Aug 6, 2020 per FiveThirtyEight. That’s higher that Clinton at her peak, just after the DNC on Aug. 7, 2016. Party conventions alway produce a super high in polling afterward. So Biden is polling much higher than Clinton ever did even before his convention high. Trump is in big trouble.

  5. the virus = economy. everybody seems to see this except trump. the people who are scared will vote for biden hoping he will do better with the virus. at this stage a ham sandwich will do better than trump, and people who are worried about the economy will vote for biden because hoping he can do better with the virus in turn the economy. the second wave sure to come especially with this open close open close baffling american process south korea did it once and only 3000 death because of why? masks mandatory upon reopening. open close open close thing will ensure ongoing infections, ensuring ongoing hospitalizations. the second wave will blow trump out of the water ensuring a biden win. biden will not beat trump. trump will beat trump. Trumps legacy will be his baffling attempt to take on a virus and obviously lose.

  6. Given how many left wing MSM and illiberal papers are arraigned against Trump, and also how skewed the polls are to Dems, Trump is on for a repeat of 2016, probably even better

  7. Trump has not been handling things well. However, Biden has evidently spent 47 years paving the road that brought us to where we are. While the chance is vanishingly small that Trump will do good things, I think the chance that Biden will continue to do bad things is probably about 100%.

  8. * *
    The Bunker Baby just doesn't get it. This is how he will be remembered, incapable of telling the truth or accepting blame for his lack of a backbone during the Covid crisis. He already senses that Biden will win and so he is making every cheap attempt to draw Biden out, but Biden isn't stupid. Biden doesn't have to do anything because the Bunker Baby's own desperation has him saying one stupid thing after another with each passing day and the GOP is distancing itself from him because he is now political poison. Also, his speeches are so boring as he reads them like a child who was forced to read a speech in grade school. That's it! He is in his CHILD stage as his mind wanders because he lacks focus (or never really had any). I actually enjoy watching him self-destruct each day. And the Bunker Baby is doing it all by his little self. The fear he casts in his Administration leaves him with few friends, if any. Most of them are already making plans to abandon this drifting ship before the November election because it is already off course and it is much too late to change direction. His ship of fools is already doomed, sort of like the Titanic. And we all know how that maritime disaster went, right?

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