May 13, 2021


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EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau's pricey 2016 going away party for Joe Biden

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28 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau's pricey 2016 going away party for Joe Biden

  1. Trudeau needs to pay us back for this and all the rest of his corruption including this Covid-scam and the loss of jobs, home, security, mental and physical health.

  2. How’s this allowed to be happening to us as North American citizens do we not all have the right to get these people gone? Or elect someone who will remove them? We can’t live like that…..

  3. Joe 2016 video in Ottawa: "It's up to you and Angela Merkel now Justin" find video on that one as I searched and gas been deleted from history not surprisingly .

  4. America is a superpower nation, freedom and transparency is what it stands for .. When the incumbent President has alerted about election fraud and American people have taken to the streets over the nation demanding integrity and transparency.. Just like America have condemned the other nations with election frauds like Venezuela, Kenya.. and recently Belarus where people marching on the streets demanding the same integrity and transparency .. Of course the US rule of law will clarify.. because no one stands above the law .. Yes, people of the World are watching .. an important chapter in America history..

  5. NEW Information just came out ! Looks like Trump is IN, regardless of votes. Check out Martin Brodel on Youtube.
    Foreign Interference in a US Election. eg. Canadian built Election Machines that CHEAT and Servers in Frankfurt Germany

  6. Ooo we didn't see this coming there is so much on Justin Trudeau but yet he continues to stay put and destroy Canada with his communist agenda it just makes no sense of why he continues to be able to stay in parliament.

  7. What's really insane is that not a single Canadian "news service" is telling Canadians about the historical voter fraud occurring in the US presidential election, that Canadian electoral services company Dominion Voting Systems is at the heart of the fraud and the fact that Covid19 is a smokescreen governments are using to assist in influencing the US election, the Trudeau government, the NDP and the "Controlled Conservatives" have attempted to influence a US election and sacrificed thousands of Canadian lives, ruined millions of households and abused & traumatized an entire generation of young people in a historical act of silent insurrection, which has failed, and now exposes Canadian sovereignty to existential risk.

  8. He’s a globalist like his father. Pierre sold the independent banking of Canada to Europe’s private bankers in the 60s. He’s also the only Canadian leader to be investigated and found guilty under the ethics law…. found once your slimey, twice your crooked but 3 times…..remember no one in Canadian history has ever been charged before in hundreds of years. He’d lick chancellor merkels butt after she shite for globalism, use your own imagination for what he’s done for Soros to sell us all out

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