This page contains a reference list of credentialed experts and freedom warriors that have earnt the right to voice an opinion on the pandemic and the “public health” response.
Each link will take you to a page containing an updated list their interviews and other relevant links.

I feel I need to add a little note: If your favourite “expert” is not listed below it may be for multiple reasons. First, and likely the biggest reason, I only have 24 hours in the day and some of that I need to sleep! Second, it takes time to listen to interviews, take notes, find source material and get information entered correctly from the get go, and third, they just may not have entered my radar! I have a list of at least 20, maybe 30 more to add, plus there are more experts speaking up every day!!! We appreciate them all.

The point is, there is enough already to reveal an alternate side of the story that the mainstream won’t cover.

Experts are listed below in alphabetical order by surname.

Additional Experts are continuously being adde

Dr Paul Alexander – Epidemiologist

Dr Phillip Altman – Pharmacologist, Clinical Trial & Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Polly St George is Amazing Polly – investigative citizen-journalist

Dr Brian Ardis – Chiropractor and Health Researcher

Dr Scott Atlas – Public Health Medical Doctor and Scientist

Catherine Austin Fitts – Economist

Dr Richard Bartlett – Emergency Room Doctor

Dr Silvia Behrendt – Legal Expert and WHO Whistleblower

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi – Microbiologist & Immunologist

Dr Jay Bhattacharya – MD, Epidemiologist, Health Economist

Dr Russell Blaylock – Neurosurgeon

Dr Byram Bridle – Viral Immunologist

Patrick Byrne – Entrepreneur & Freedom Warrior

Prof. Dolores Cahill – Molecular Biologist, Immunologist & Freedom Warrior

Dr Ryan Cole – Medical Doctor & Pathologist

James Corbett – Investigative Journalist

Dr Clare Craig – Doctor & Diagnostic Pathologist

Prof. Mattias Desmet – Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Edward Dowd – Wall Street Expert

Prof. Norman Fenton – Mathematician

Prof. Gigi Foster – Economist

Prof. Sunetra Gupta – Epidemiologist, Immunologist & Disease Modeler

Dr Reiner Fuellmich – German/American Lawyer

Dr Simone Gold – Medical Doctor & Lawyer

G. Edward Griffin – Author, Historian, Documentary film producer

Dave Hayes aka Praying Medic – Healing Ministry

Graham Hood – Former Qantas Captain

Dr Suzanne Humphries – Nephrologist & expert in vaccine history

Steve Kirsch – Entrepreneur turned investigative journalist

Dr Pierre Kory – Medical Doctor, ICU Specialist

Prof. Martin Kulldorff – Biostatistician & Epidemiologist

Dr Joseph Ladapo – Medical Doctor, health policy researcher & Florida’s Surgeon General

Dr Tess Lawrie – Medical Doctor, Research Consultant

Dr James Lyons-Weiler – Research Scientist

Dr Carrie Madej – Medical Doctor, nanotech researcher

Dr Robert Malone – Medical Doctor, Regulatory Specialist & Vaccinologist

Dr Paul Marik – Medical Doctor, ICU Specialist

Dr David Martin – International Patent Expert

Dr Peter McCullough – Medical Doctor, Cardiologist

Dr Luke McLindon – Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist

Dr Lee Merrit – Medical Doctor, ex Navy Surgeon

Dr Judy Mikovits – Scientists and Whistleblower

Dr Kary Mullis – Nobel Prize winning scientists, inverter of PCR

Maajid Nawaz – Anti-extremism educator

John O’Looney – Funeral Director, Whistleblower

Erin Olszewski – Nurse, Whistleblower

Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky – Medical Doctor & Vaccine Developer

Dr Harvey Risch – Epidemiologist

Dr Jessica Rose – Research scientist/Biological data analyst

Dr Chris Shoemaker – Canadian medical doctor

Nicole Sirotek – Nurse, Whistleblower

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger – Public Health Scientist

Dr Paul Thomas – Pediatrician

Dr James Thorp – OB/GYN, maternal-fetal medicine specialist

Dr Brian Tyson – Frontline Medical Doctor

Dr Richard Urso – Frontline Medical Doctor & Ophthalmologist

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche – Vaccine & Evolutionary Biologist

Dr Andrew Wakefield – Scientist, Film Maker, Hero

Dr Judy Wilyman – Public Health Scientist

Dr Naomi Wolf – Journalist covering the Pfizer document reveals

Patrick Wood – Researcher & Technocracy Expert

Dr Mike Yeadon – Chief Scientist & Former Pfizer VP

Dr Vladimir Zelenko – Fronline Medical Doctor

Doctors and Nurse whistleblower stories – HERE


The Thought Police: List of confirmed Twitter accounts (many top scientists) that have been TERMINATED for sharing facts or opinions that diverged from the “authorised” dogma. The list does not include the countless accounts whose audience is artificially limited by various technical means. – READ, GETTR,

July 28, 2022 – Collusion between Big Tech and CDC: Twitter and Facebook were repeatedly advised by the CDC on what to flag as “misinformation” and how to moderate.” – ARTICLE, FOIA

July 16, 2021 – Psaki says administration is working with Facebook to limit misinformation – Whitehouse working with Big Tech on what to censor especially “information that is leading to people not taking the vaccine” – READ

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