May 13, 2021


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  1. Hey Luke, have you flip-flopped? I haven't seen you do any coverage at all lately of the unmentionables (aka, the J lobby) and did you have a falling out with Jason? Haven't seen you do work together in a while.

  2. I sent this video to a staunch Dem. This was her response Luke.

    Omg. A lot of information to unpack. I'll tell you my general thoughts and then identify some specific concerns.
    Full disclosure. I am not a huge fan of libertarians. But staying true to form as I am a balanced educated individual that does not mean that I believe all libertarians are wacky or everything they say is wrong. They aren't and it isn't. However , one libertarian of note, rand Paul in Congress does stand for extreme positions and I am not one of his fans. Generally, I think the belief that we need to separate ourselves from any kind of government is an extreme belief and not some thing that will ever result in better society. People need rules and laws, that doesn't mean that theyneed the government telling them everything to do because they don't but it similarly doesn't mean that the government serves no purpose because I wholeheartedly disagree with that. I'm a balanced thinker I think a little bit of government and a little bit of personal privacy and rights is the correct

    recipe. For those reasons I usually don't agree with libertarian thinking.

    As far as this video, I do not like how quickly this guy spoke and I also don't like his references, authorities or comparisons.

    On the first point this guy spoke so quickly but didn't really provide any actual information.

    Example- He talked about Hunter Biden's connection with the Ukrainian company, but instead of providing facts of why he believed That Hunter Biden did anything illegal while working for that company he was just loud and making unsubstantiated allegations and saying a lot of nothing. What did he do that is illegal? This guy never said.

    He talked about Bill Bar (the AG) alleged he protected Hunter Biden, but if you've watched any of the congressional hearings or followed this AG's position on any other issue over last 2 yrs. it's crystal clear he's Trumps henchmen. TaKe a look at the Mueller report in Trump/Russian interference with 2016 election. You'll read in the public report that although Mueller and his team unequivocally said they were not making a determination on whether Trump violated the law by asking Putin for help, the AG provided an inaccurate "summary" to congress before the report was officially released and in the summary he concluded without any authority that Trump was cleared from any wrongdoing by the Mueller Investigation. The AG then peddled to the American ppl this lie. That's exactly what it was. Check out the report and you will see it's been published.

    I watched the AG confirmation hearings a few years ago when Trump appointed him as the attorney general and his appointment was excepted in a bipartisan manner equally by both Democrats and Republicans but Afterwards it became pretty clear that he was beholden to Trump. Our attorney general should be unbiased, does not work for the President of the United States, and certainly does not do his bidding. Trump fired AG yesterday because the AG was not successful in overturning the election results. Yesterday the electoral college officially certified the results so Trump fired his henchman for not delivering. You cannot make this shit up.

    He made a lot of noise of this infiltration of Chinese into these western companies HSBC, Landrover etc but did not name a single person. Show me a name, show me a picture of these executives–NOTHING. Why? If there are so many then why not give us a name or 2??

    Comparing mass marketing of false information with scantily clad slow motion pictures of women rappers on Titter is just simply incomparable. Lying to people/ making direct misrepresentations to millions of ppl isn't protected by the first amendment but lewd dancing and stripping etc is protected first amendment expression. Comparing apples to oranges.

    Comparing communist China and its oppression of its ppl to stop COVID to DeBlasios demand that ppl in NY stay home so the frozen trucks of body bags don't get worse, similarly an inaccurate and wildly misleading comparison.

    Jon Miller – who this man cites as an authority on the numbers of US deaths this yr to apparently represent that they are lower this yr than any other year. His post says deaths as a whole. To demonstrate what? That COVID isn't really a concern? Dig into the details. We aren't talking about deaths as a whole we are taking and should reasonably be concerned about deaths from COVID. He's a sportscaster so I wouldn't be taking his word nor citing him as an authority. How is this sportscaster's Twitter post an authority on this issue?it's not- plain and simple- he does sports not public health. I'm 100% positive there were not 300,000 deaths last year from a virus or any other year in the recent past. Again, completely misleading.

    He then talks about how the rich are oppressing the poor- he is right but he never once mentions Mitch McConnel (GOP majority leader), or any of the elite republicans who call Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and unemployment benefits – ENTITLEMENTS- and regularly fight to take these away from the ppl who are poor and need it most. What about trying to take millions of ppls heath insurance away during a pandemic?? Apparently this guy doesn't believe that's newsworthy. Huh- I wonder why? Because it's not being done by Democrats but instead by Trump and the GOP. Nor does he mention that Democrats are active proponents of these benefits for the underprivileged. What does this demonstrate? This guy is one sided and out of touch with reality. He should have made the argument and then pointed to the party that supports the disintegration of the middle class. But he didn't mention anyone. CRAZY.

    I need reliable information from reliable sources. I certainly don't believe everything on MSNBC or CNN. I'm capable of critical thinking but I'd listen to those channels (which most times show actual evidence to back up statements) any day before this guy who seems like he subscribed to the belief that being loud, talking fast, and drawing conclusions are ways to convince. Unfortunately, many ppl do get convinced and don't probe with questions.

    Bottom line- yeah not all news is accurate. But we all have to be able to think critically probe and ask important questions instead of just taking information at face value or being convinced that just because someone is loud and says it's true doesn't actually mean it's true.

    I know I've said a whole lot! Let me know your thoughts I'd love to hear them.

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