April 20, 2021


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EXPOSED: Samantha Bee's Censorship Lies! | Louder with Crowder

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36 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Samantha Bee's Censorship Lies! | Louder with Crowder

  1. Is not just because I'm politically non aligned with Samantha B is actually because I've never once laughed at anything. I've heard her say. Well before Trump was in office. I thought This is a diversity hire. Because she. Should be an accountant or something that's. How funny, I believe she is.

  2. As a conservative, I would normally just not watch something that actively offended me – John Oliver is one, CNN another, many new films and TV shows (Watchmen anyone?) where "white man bad" is the primary message – I'm still dealing about T6 – John Connor RIP. My view is this: we're dangerously close to 1984's 2 minutes of hate, children reporting parents, peace is violence, violence is peace etc. etc. By no means do I bury my head, I'll stand up to someone who actively tries to force me to think or act in a way that comprises my values, but I won't pick fights for fighting's sake.

  3. Every time I hear her talk I have to put the hip waders on, boots just aren't tall enough.
    It also gets really hard to resist the urge to stab myself in the genitals with a sharp object.

  4. Not only is she not funny, but I've seen better looking puckering assholes. She twitches like an epileptic seizure. Thanks @louderwithcrouder now will never get the sight of her out of my mind, I can't even use a sharp hot poker to burn out of my memory. 🤢I think, I just threw up in my mouth

  5. 6 months ago…. but only way.. if they are spreading actual call to violence.. only way.. they can talk as much stupid as they want..that’s why people like you are here to spit on their stupidity.

  6. The NILF bit was the sum total of her career. It was hilarious, and I’m sure what’s-his-nutz’ writers put it together. She is painfully un-funny and not even vaguely thinly veiled biased.

  7. I have stumbled across the Samantha Bee show a few times while flipping the channels…and each time I watch for a few minutes and then leave with the same thought, "How and why does she have a TV show?!?"

  8. She's terrible. She's a hack and has never, ever been funny. Jon Stewart, while liberal, can actually be funny. John Oliver can be funny. Samantha Bee is just not funny at all in the least bit. I don't care if she's conservative or liberal… She's just terrible.

  9. My own mother claims, I am a Nazi because "I think white people should have equal rights with black people". She refuses to talk to me because her white guilt says white males do not have freedom of speech only everyone else does. I could show the texts to prove I am not exaggerating but it isn't that important. Racism (even against ones own ethnicity) is real and more to the point of talking about my mother, leftists banning people for speech is real even on personal levels. I'll keep trying to help people see we are all the human race. It's just not easy when people shut down because of the color of the person or gender of the person saying the statement.

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