April 10, 2021


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EXPOSING the Mainstream Media's BOGUS Narrative on the Portland Riots | Slightly Offens*ve

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50 thoughts on “EXPOSING the Mainstream Media's BOGUS Narrative on the Portland Riots | Slightly Offens*ve

  1. Church Arise! Christians the bible tells us to go out and preach the gospel to every living creature. Lets get out there and teach people about the power of love, and forgiveness. About righteousness & the hope of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior!

  2. The so-called peaceful protesters protest during the day and are finished in the early evening…. Late evening.. antifa ,rioters, and the destructors, move in to take their place. !!! they are the ones that are rioting and looting and Physically attacking police and attacking buildings !!! and that's the REAL TRUTH if you live in Portland you know it's the truth, the whole truth ,not what the news media tells you…. those are just lies !!!! The authorities & " peaceful protesters" DO NOT START VIOLANCE !!! they DEFEND From those that ATTACK THEM

  3. Great Show…If You Live there You Know Its TRUE!!! The mainstream news media is no longer a news media, it's a propaganda TOOL !!!
    They DO NOT report NEWS..They are NOT reporters !!! Reporters investigate for ALL FACTS …& ONLY REPORT THEM!!!

  4. Dems were fine with 50 days of violence, but the second the feds went in there to try and stop it they all cried orange man bad. Dirty politicians don't care about the people at all.

  5. You Remember when The Democrats Locked Themselves into the room and had meetings that the Republicans weren't privileged to being apart of when all the collusion/impeachment B.S. was going on…..I think they were working out the details of how to do all this Then

  6. The same thing happened in Hong Kong. The Western MSM presented the riots (oh, sorry, "peaceful protests") as being the fault of the police. They portrayed the violence as being initiated by the Hong Kong Police and not as a reaction to violence on the part of the rioters (sorry, "peaceful protesters"). Of course, it is now totally different when the riots (sorry, "peaceful protests") are happening in the US of A. Hypocrisy, plain and simple.

  7. This is another great video conversation about our little budding problem that is slowly eating away at our freedom and liberty. But what are we to do instead of just talking…how can we fight
    back against a mob that controls the media and who knows what else. If we succumb to protecting ourselves individually, then we'll probably get thrown in jail unlike the trash that is making
    our lives miserable. I don't mean to be funny, but can we form our own army?

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