April 10, 2021


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Exposing the Pathetic Fake Antifa Press | Slightly Offens*ve

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45 thoughts on “Exposing the Pathetic Fake Antifa Press | Slightly Offens*ve

  1. Ok bro you don't have to make fun of someone's looks, c'mon. Don't be like them, be better. So what if she's fat and unattractive you don't have to make that a reason why to dislike her. And you say you're a PK. Then you should know that Jesus loves everyone and everyone deserves a chance no matter how they look

  2. The only REAL press that's left!!!!! Thank you for doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Trump brings back the "fairness in media" law that Reagan killed…. The press isn't supposed to be propaganda or an Op Ed, FFS! Make the press great again!!!!

  3. The problem was they watched to many one sided social media post on youtube, and other social media, using the playbook based on Algorithm mind manipulation to get you to watch and search more videos of the same strain. The money dolled out to content creation influences the creator's to produce content that makes more money. Money is made by efficient use of Algorithm, and of course I wouldn't be prudent for a warning at the begining of videos saying that "this video was made in order to manipulate your mind, in order that we can make more money. This is standard operating procedure for both the left and right and everything in between in politics, entertainment, ect. You can also understand the entertainment industry has used tv shows, and movies with producers directors actors editors ect. That knew the effects of the material on the audience beforehand. Authors writing fiction, and non fiction have published books for hundreds of years based on Algorithm as well. Something to consider before letting others make decisions for you. Is just that.

  4. You shouldn’t disrespect this girl for her weight even if she doesn’t deserve ANY respect from anyone. Besides that, it’s CRAZY how she wants to write about you collecting videos on everything going on and showing it to ur followers…I thought that was one of the jobs of a journalist?

  5. The hooligans have a very high tolerance for disgust… A trait of certain personality disorders.. I suggest they seek wise council… After TRUMP and productive americans win … 🇺🇸💯🚒

  6. after the usa election in november comes total freedom. it doesn't matter who wins. americans can finally go out and exterminate these global communist leaders, their red guard youth, insane and feeble mindeds, and greedy ungrateful foreigners, themselves. all the worlds nations and diversity are relying on americans to squash this communist insurrection which threatens the basis of nation for each similar people, the only form of preserving world diversity, and moderation and responsibility, all around the world.

  7. U cant abuse the first amendment, an for those useing the first to do criminal acts charge them for the crimes they commit do not try to change the rights violations to a mistamenor

  8. i just hate the absolute shilling for the democrats that the media and local goverment have been doing its insane i live in tennesee and we only have had peaceful protests probably becasue our da has a backbone and isnt getting pockets lined from soros

  9. That hippocrockapig is just angry at the world because her size and lack of personality means she has a very lonely life. People like her have to lash out at others to avoid inner reflection because otherwise they have to accept the pointlessness of their existence and end up committing suicide.

  10. typical left wing misfits trying to blame ordinary people who do ordinary things for their problems. no it's not the press fault for opposition to your weak antifa gang, it's Americans who are tired of seeing you weak fascists destroy our country that we love. either leave or shut up. when this all ends you'll run and hide in your alleys like the rats you are. take responsibility for your actions, feelings.

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